29 Aug 2015

Summer days in August

I took a break from blogging and did less photography. 

There were opportunities to sit out in the garden and read or just relax with family as well as enjoy gardening and visits to local garden centres with our daughter who had come to stay for a week or two.

We have three excellent garden centres in our area and it's a pleasure to drop by, browse and buy a few plants or a garden ornament. I bought one of those wind chimes with a solar light that changes colour, dahlias 'Happy Days' (some with bronze-coloured leaves), rudbeckia 'Little Gold Star', some pansies to put in pots and our daughter bought Japanese anemone 'Pink Saucer' and some cyclamen. I'm hoping to widen one of the borders to accommodate more plants, but grass over another so that we have the same width of lawn.

We've been harvesting vegetables and beginning to enjoy the first of the figs.  The two peaches were picked and enjoyed before our daughter returned home.

We celebrated my husband's birthday with members of the family. We visited nearby Conisbrough Castle, a partially restored medieval fortification.

 a view from The Keep of Conisbrough Castle

There have been days out in the local countryside, coffee mornings in town with friends and the occasional church planning meeting and visits to see a grandson. 

The heather is in flower on the moors and even on a misty day I love being in the local countryside around Strines and Derwent Moors and Bradfield Dale.

I hope you've had a good Summer and wish you all the best for September days.


  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed your photo journal Linda. Looks like you have had a great summer.

  2. Some lovely images from August Linda - like you I am enjoying seeing how the grandchildren are developing and going in lots of different but interesting directions. Life is hard for young people today, but the range of opportunities is so much wider.
    My eldest son was a rower, and so was H - he rowed for Derby Rowing Club and then his university.

  3. Hi Linda. Glad to hear you're both well and enjoying the summer. The garden is looking beautiful and the views of the Dales as lovely as ever!

  4. Well done to your grand-daughter! I'm amazed at your peaches! Wow!!! I miss my fig tree! I have a cutting from it but it's nit ready to fruit yet!x

  5. Sounds like a very full summer schedule, Linda. You have many great photos to share with us of beautiful place and flowers. Thanks! -Beth

  6. What a wonderful way to celebrate August!!! It looks as though you have had a wonderful time and got to spend lots of time with your family which I am sure you love. Congratulations to your Granddaughter, I hope that she enjoys the next stage of her studies! xx

  7. What a lovely record of what looks to have been a very happy and busy August for you and your family. It is good to take time out in August to enjoy the garden and to visit special places. I've enjoyed all your photos:)

  8. I really enjoyed your August photo journal, your garden looks beautiful, the Yorkshire dales a wonderful area and I always love to see herds of sheep with sheepdogs. There is one picture I think is striking and most beautiful and that's granddad with grandson and the ferret, so funny with the big dog and little dog behind them.

  9. What a clever idea but I am intrigued by how you managed to group your photos so beautifully - I have endless frustration with blogger when I try to organise my photos! Good to see you back.

  10. It's lovely to hear what you've been up to in the month of August, just the right about of busyness combined with some relaxation and catching up with family. Eeek, a ferret. Did you ever see the ferret on Calendar which bit Richard Whiteley? If not, have a look on You Tube, lol. I have to say that Honey does look rather cute though. Well done to your grandaughter on her great exam grades and also to your other grandchildren too, it's great when they do so well.

    1. No, I hadn't seen Richard Whitely's experience with the ferret. I've just looked at it on You Tube. Ouch! I know you can relate to the wait for exam results situation so thank you. All the best to Eleanor with her further studies.

  11. Your pictures are lovely. Lots of congratulations to your grand daughter on her brilliant achievement.

  12. How lovely to hear what you have been up too, and what a heavenly bunch of pics! I just loved seeing your tomatoes, I've only had two ripen to date, there will be a glut soon.
    Awwwh....best wishes to hubs on his birthday, he has such a sweet smile and well done and congrats to G'daughter!
    The peacocks are just gorgeous and as for that ferret....xxx

  13. Goodness me with such a busy time I expect you are looking forward to a well earned rest before you take on September.

  14. A very lovely photo journal. Good idea!

  15. It's a beautiful photographic journal of August in your world Linda!
    All the special family occasions and visits.
    Quintessential english garden scenes - which I love and try to emulate in my far flung corner of the world!
    A belated happy birthday to Mr P - it looked like a happy occasion and lovely to see the photo of you sweet Linda!
    Enjoy your Autumn days as I wait patiently for our Spring to arrive here!

  16. Thank you dear Shane. It's always good to hear from you. I shall pass on your good wishes to Mr. P. I love the Autumn whether it's spent in England or Italy. I can imagine you're looking forward to Springtime, another lovely season.

  17. What a rich and full summer you have had. So many lovely memories to savor and share and your photos have captured them perfectly.

  18. You've had a lovely August - what with so much family time, gardening, trips!

  19. un riche été et un joli mois d'aout
    mais j'apprécie d'aller vers l'automne et ses belles couleurs
    vous nous avez fait un riche et varié journal
    toute ma tendresse

  20. Good Morning Linda,

    Haven't heard from you in a awhile. I hope you have had a lovely beginning to your fall. Hard to believe that October is already just around the corner.

  21. Hi Linda, I've been trying to catch up on some blogs today--since it's been rainy/drizzly here for several days... Can't work in the yard in this weather. Great set of photos... Your August looked to be busy but enjoyable. Happy Birthday to your Sweetie....

    We went on t trip recently to Wyoming to visit Yellowstone and the Tetons... Fantastic trip.. We are going again this morning to West VA with some friends to hopefully see some pretty Fall colors...

    Take care.

  22. Hi Linda! Hope you are well! Missing your lovely posts. x