5 Jul 2015

The Gardens at Chatsworth (2)

The Kitchen Garden

The Summer house has a seating area with a table where visitors can sit down for a while.

Rambling roses are being supported by these chains and posts.
Redcurrant bushes grow against a stone wall (below) and other soft fruit bushes are under netting

Works of art, classical and modern, are placed around the grounds at Chatsworth reflecting the particular character of the area in the grounds.  The top half of this sculptural piece moves around in the breeze.

                                                            'Patty's Plum'

The wild flower area merges with the kitchen garden.

The Kitchen Garden at Chatsworth is on a grand scale since the cutting flowers, the fruit and the vegetables are used in the house and some produce is sold on site and in the farm shop.
Nearby is a small, enclosed plot that I believe might have been a show garden at a Royal Horticultural Society's Show one year (although I haven't researched this at the time of writing) and continues to be worked as a kitchen garden.  It represents an allotment that would have been common pre and during the second world war period when we were encouraged to use the land to grow our own fruit and vegetables and become more self-sufficient -  a movement that continues today.

click on above image of the information board to read about the WWII Anderson Shelter

I hope you enjoyed a further look around the kitchen gardens at Chatsworth without many words and just images.  This weekend we have our family here and yesterday we went out to a country inn for the 50th wedding anniversary meal and then a time at our daughter's for cake and sparkling wine. Later on today we shall be having lunch together.
I hope you're all having a good weekend. To all my American blog friends I wish you a belated 4th July.