30 May 2015

A walk by the River Kennet

What I enjoy most about going back down to my home county of Berkshire and adjoining counties is the opportunity to spend time by the waters of the Thames and Kennet and that is what I was able to do this month often accompanied by different members of my family who still live there.

An old school friend and her family used to live in the above pub which has been  restored rebuilt (*see Amy's comment below) since those days. It was interesting to go back there as the attraction for me was the walk along the tow path by the River Kennet, which is part of the Kennet and Avon Canal or the Kennet Navigation as it's known on this stretch of the waterway, before we had our lunch.

ragged robin and wood forget-me-not

bugle right) on the left is ladies smock also called  
milk maids

Burghfield Bridge in the Kennet Valley, which is south-west of Reading town centre. On an old map of 1790 the area is shown as 'World's End'!

Crossing the nearby Bath and Bristol main road is 'Honey End' where my old high school is located. It was a girls' school (now amalgamated with a boys' school) and at the time students travelled from every district of Reading to attend it. I lived east of the town and caught two buses to get there.

The waters of the Kennet join the River Thames at Reading and run through the Kennet Valley south-westward to towns such as Newbury and beyond as far as Bristol as the canal meets up with the Avon.


  1. Your pictures remind me so much of our early married life living down that way. We used to spend a lot of time walking the tow paths and watching the narrowboats. Newbies attempting to navigate the locks was particularly entertaining!

  2. What a lovely time to spend at the canal with you. I don't know if you know, but that pub is actually totally new! It looks so old doesn't it, but it was only built about 10 years ago after the old one flooded and was demolished. They did a really great job I think rebuilding it. Love your pictures of the narrowboats, they have great artwork don't they. xx

  3. those canal boats just fascinate me. i would like to ride one of those. i love the pub and the gypsy wagon in one of the photos. gorgeous flowers....

  4. Your photos look so dreamy. I love spending time near water, I find it so relaxing.

  5. So beautiful.......The walk on the tow path is wonderful and so English, we love to walk in your country. Watching the narrow boats on the river and visiting a pub on a lovely May day must have been a super pastime.

  6. Such a wonderful walk Linda.....I loved your photos of the flowers and insects especially....made me realise that things have been a little rushed for me lately and that I need to slow down and enjoy things just once in a while.x

  7. How lovely, Linda it looks a beautiful walk - so pretty with all the wildlife along the canal and river. You must have many happy memories of living there and going to school and what a delight to meet up with friends and family whilst you were there:)

  8. les bords de rivière sont toujours reposant
    et toutes les petites bêtes de rencontre
    Quand on s'promène au bord de l'eau,
    Comm' tout est beau...
    Quel renouveau ...
    Paris au loin nous semble une prison,
    On a le cœur plein de chansons.
    L'odeur des fleurs
    Nous met tout à l'envers
    Et le bonheur
    Nous saoule pour pas cher.
    Chagrins et peines
    De la semaine,
    Tout est noyé dans le bleu, dans le vert ...
    Un seul dimanche au bord de l'eau,
    Aux trémolos
    Des p'tits oiseaux,
    Suffit pour que tous les jours semblent beaux
    Quand on s'promène au bord de l'eau.

    une chanson chanté par Jean Gabin
    bonne journée

  9. Oh....seeing all those boats has me missing mine dreadfully, how gorgeous, I loved it all!xxx

  10. Hi Linda,

    I enjoyed seeing the beautiful photos from over your way - the canal boats are lovely and must be a relaxing way to travel. Thanks for the kind visit to my blog and the note you left.
    Happy new week

  11. What a beautiful part of the world you live in, Linda! Your photos make your world come alive for me!

  12. What a lovely area for a walk. The boats along the canals fascinate me as we have nothing like that here.