26 Oct 2014

September/ October Update

Before our time away in Italy some of the produce we had been given or grown was bottled or stored and the rest left for our daughter to pick and use. The last tomatoes were brought in this weekend and there are still quite a variety of vegetables to harvest. They'll be welcome during this week when we have family around during the half term school holiday.

                                                       (The beginning of September)

                                                         (this weekend - end of October)

Regular readers of this blog will know that we've been going over to our home in Italy when we get the opportunity, usually in the Springtime and Autumn. Now that our family commitments are beginning to change we're able to spend more time there, which is certainly a better way to live so that we can manage the maintenance of the house and land and get into a more relaxing routine.
However, it's still a challenge to look after the land when we're not there all the time even though a brother in-law regularly tends the grape vines and his wife looks after the house. Our generation is getting older, less mobile and this year the weather has been very unsettled with days of rain then days of sunshine. As a result the rough grass has grown even higher than usual and for everyone food production has suffered especially the olives and grapes. We were prepared for some hard work in order to get the land back into shape and freshen up the house. We also had the grapes to harvest as well as family gatherings and a village festival to enjoy.

This was the garden when we arrived and after all the hard work done during our time in March it was a question of starting all over again. However, this time we hired someone from the village to come with his tractor and cutter to do the job that my husband might have once attempted with a scythe and then a mower.  (There was still plenty of other work to do pruning and trimming the trees and bushes).

We were up early every day and I never got tired of watching the sun come up from behind the wooded hills as each morning the sky and the colour of the distant mountains looked different depending on the weather which, fortunately, remained dry and sunny apart from one morning of rain showers and another when it was dull and cloudy.
When the time was right for some of us to get together we helped one another bring in the grapes and start the wine making process.

More next time.......


  1. Glad to hear that Mr. P didn't try to do all of that hard work! Your harvest in England sure looks yummy. Those peppers are gorgeous!

  2. It's a lot of land to maintain so I'm glad you've got more help. More time to relax and enjoy your wonderful surroundings.

  3. A lot of hard work but my goodness what a gorgeous place Linda. That view alone! A lovely post!

  4. It sounds like you've had plenty of hard work to do, I don't blame you getting someone in to give you a hand. It must be worth it though when you can sit back in those beautiful surroundings.

  5. my favorite time of the day is sunrise and to watch it in all this beauty would be great. we are finding the same thing as we age, it gets harder and harder to take care of what we have, inside and outside... love those beautiful grapes

  6. That's a lot of hard work - I find looking after one house and garden keeps me very busy, but looking at your photos I can see it is very worthwhile!

  7. HI, I'm so glad that you both can still keep two homes in two different countries... Hope you can do it for many more years... Have you thought about hiring someone to regularly do your yard work in one or both places when you are gone? That's what people do here --when they have two homes and aren't here all of the time...

    Your sunrises are awesome. WOW!!!1 I'd love that.
    P.S. I posted a new blog today!!!!

  8. It's good to see you here again and the beautiful photos that you share.

  9. Oh my, those sunsets give me goosebumps, I too would NEVER tire of seeing them. Grapes....marvelous. Glad the guy with the tractor did all the hard work!
    Good to see you still have produce, I still have plenty too, it has been a good year.
    How lucky you are being able to go whenever you want!xxx

  10. It sounds lovely---I know it's hard work, but it's the kind I find the most relaxing and the best for my body and soul. Despite the weather, you show some beautiful fruit and vegetables. What a gift to have all that! :>)

  11. Harvest time is so spectacular there.
    The light is glorious. What a wonderful place to
    go in the spring and fall.

  12. My goodness you've certainly been busy on the home front too Linda with all the bottling and storing you've been doing. I'm very envious. Love those sunsets in Italy and thanks for sharing your Italian life with us. P x

  13. Wonderful photos of that glorious Italian landscape. You live in a most beautiful area, Linda. I can sympathise with the difficulty of keeping land in good condition when you're not there all the time and can understand why you hired the man with his tractor.