3 Jun 2014

The Walled Garden in May

Usually I walk around the walled garden when I visit my nearest library in Hillsborough Hall which is in a local park. However, I haven't been doing much reading so it's several weeks since I was there on a day when we had such lovely sunny weather - the same weekend as my previous posts about places visited in early May.
I like to see the planting in each of the areas as the weeks and months go by and on that particular day everything was flourishing thanks to the gardeners and community project volunteers.

Door to the old stable block area and former gardeners' sheds on the other side of the wall and still used as the gardeners' rest rooms.

I was particularly interested to take note of the planting in the kitchen garden during this season and will have to return to see how everything is progressing after the last weeks of  mainly cold, wet weather interspersed with a day or two of drier, warmer days.

A variety of herbs had just been planted out and watered.

It was interesting to see a new area devoted to plants that grow in a dry climate such as these grasses. The glasshouses were full of young plants that will be used in the garden or sold for funding the community projects that are based there.

The herbaceous border beyond the walled garden looked verdant with greenery and there was the promise of colourful Summer flowers.

The gardeners' quarters on this side of the wall (taken at a different time in the month of June).

The tram route to the city passes by the park, gardens and the woodland corner, 'Squirrel Green'.

The rhododendrons in the park were also looking lovely.
After some really dull, wet weather we had a relatively sunny, dry weekend and we were able to go to into the Hope Valley in Derbyshire, which I shall write about another time.
Tonight I shall be going to my monthly book club and meeting up with some friends.  We take turns to host the evening and although I was unable to read the last book chosen it will be a good opportunity to chat about literature and life in general.


  1. How lovely to have such a quiet and pretty area to wander around and so close to the town. It looks an enchanting place - hope that resting your eyes has given you some improvement.

  2. What a beautiful place. What could be better than choosing a good book in the library and then sitting in the walled garden to do a bit of reading.

  3. This garden looks and sounds blissful and so near to home as well. Yes, a couple of hours with a book would definitely be up my street x

  4. There is such an abundance of beauty to enjoy here.

  5. Oh how I love it when you show your Walled Garden. As I've said before, it reminds me of our Walled Garden at Biltmore... I especially love seeing your photos during all of the different seasons... Gorgeous.

  6. Such a lovely walled garden Linda. I love how you have learned the secret of slowing down to smell the roses. I am always so busy rushing to and fro. I need to learn from you and try to take more walks and enjoy nature as you do. Thanks for always sharing your journeys and inspiring me.

  7. It is such a beautiful garden Linda, I can see why you like to visit it so much! I would love to go and wander there on my way to the library as well. How lovely that there is a place like this that people from the community can visit and work in, a great asset indeed and I am so pleased that you shared it with us. xx

  8. I could happily sit on any of those seats in the garden for quite a while, just drinking it all in. Absolutely beautiful!

  9. What an amazing setting to have a library, absolutely beautiful. It's so nice to get to see these little hidden gems from around the country. I know I'd be spending time there if it was local to me. x

  10. The Walled Garden is beautiful, and I'm glad you took us along with you on your walk. We visit a walled garden at Biltmore House several times a year, but since it takes over three hours to get there by car we can't go as often as we would like.

  11. hello dear Linda
    I'm visiting you at 6:30am Thursday as I enjoy my cup of tea and a read before i leave for work!
    I love your new header with mixed granny bonnets!
    I've always loved the English walled gardens offering shelter for plants to thrive and this one is no exception.
    The old rose growing up the brick wall beside the red door is a magical combination.
    Take care of your precious eyes Linda.
    I enjoyed sharing your walk through this beautiful garden, anytime you care to do walks like this please let me there and I'll join you!!

  12. It's so beautiful. I love English gardens.

  13. Oh my, oh my! Such beauty and nearby.
    Lucky you! Oh to walk in these gardens.

  14. Linda, I love the different colors around this garden. I also love the shaping of the trees in the entraceway. Just beautiful!

  15. Well I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful walk around the walled garden....what a heavenly place, and those squirrel pics are stunning! Thanks for the walk.xxx

  16. What a wonderful place, Linda, especially in such beautiful weather,. There's something so special about a walled garden.