16 Mar 2014

A time in Italy

 We've just got back from our time in Italy and it's been good to find the promise of Springtime in both countries with much better weather than previous months.

The outward journey by plane and train to south of Rome was uneventful (in contrast to the journey back because of cancelled trains to Rome when we had to find an alternative transport i.e. bus and metro) and it was good to see the familiar mountains and villages of the Ciociaria region.
It doesn't take long to get back into our usual routine once we're home in Italy, but since we're limited for time and there's a lot to do, especially in the garden, we always hope that the weather stays dry in the early months of the year.  In fact, we arrived to cold, wet weather and it was important to get the fire on and warm up the house in the upstairs apartment. (We have two storeys in our family home which is now split up into identical apartments and these days we use the upstairs apartment which can be heated by wood-fired central heating or gas).  We're very fortunate that relatives look after the accounts and the maintenance of the house when we're not there and do everything to support us when we are.  Consequently, we do spend a lot of time being entertained by family and entertaining family and friends and this time was no exception. The weather soon improved, so it was a pleasure to look out over the garden then enjoy what was growing and coming into season.  It was also good to see the various insects coming to life in the sunshine.

Mr P. soon got to work in the garden pruning the vines and the fruit trees - more about that another time. Some old wooden pergola poles, originally cut from our trees in the wood on the opposite hill to the house, had to be replaced. They needed to be chopped up and stored for future firewood.

At the end of a sunny day the snow on the distant mountains seemed to turn pink as the sun set.

I'll share some more of our trip to Italy soon.  Meanwhile, I hope that everything is going well with you where you live and you have a good week.

We're enjoying the Spring flowers that are blooming in our garden and neighbourhood. DH has lots to do bringing his plants on in the UK garden plot.

A view from the kitchen window this morning - lovely blue skies, although quite windy out.

 A happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow!


  1. A lovely post Linda, with so many splendid photos. Your home in Italy looks gorgeous and so does all that scenery, plus the family interaction over there sounds marvelous.

  2. Beautiful photos Linda and so glad you are back. It looks like spring has arrived in Italy. So nice to see bees and blooms. Only snowdrops blooming here. I love the photo on your header. Spectacular view!

  3. Glad you had a good trip, the mountains look amazing!

  4. I'm glad you had a good trip to, and a wonderful time in, Italy. You home looks beautiful, and I love the mountains.

  5. Hi Linda, I thought you all must be in Italy since I have missed your posts and emails. Sounds like you had a great time --despite the weather.. I know we ALL will be happy to see SPRING this year...

    Glad you have help in watching your Italian home when you are not there. Love it... Beautiful area.

    Welcome back...

  6. Your home in Italy looks just beautiful!
    Lovely to see Spring coming alive there.
    So happy you had good travels too.

  7. Glad to see that spring has arrived in Italy, as it has here in the UK. Nice to have you back, I now look forward to hearing more about your trip.

  8. my two favorite photos today other than that magical shot out the window the plane, the window shot in UK and the flowers in vase in your home in Italy...I very much enjjoyed all the photos and seeing it through your eyes. that old concrete fence is wonderful....

  9. Beautiful photo's it must be very hard to tear yourselves aware to come back to the UK.

  10. A lovely post, though it did stir up my emotions, not surprising really. So glad you shared and reminded me of how beautiful Italy is in the springtime.

  11. So glad you enjoyed your trip Linda. Your photos are stunning and give a wonderful insight into the Italian landscape in the Spring.
    Patricia x

  12. Oh....how wonderful to have such a fantastic second home. I am not at all envious....not even a little tiny bit.....sighs....
    You sound like you are so comfortable there, I'm glad you had such a lovely time catching up with family.xxx

  13. What a lovely contrast to your life in Yorkshire. Glad you enjoyed your trip! I missed being a Patricia by one day, being of Irish extraction and born on 16th March...

  14. Lovely views and photos, Linda. Those mountains are breathtaking! How nice to see them from your pretty home. Thanks for your kind comment, and many blessings to you and yours, Bess

  15. Looks lovely. You are so lucky to have such a marvelous, helping family in Italy!