12 Dec 2013

Certosa di Trisulti: The Nativity Crib Scene


When we visited the Charterhouse in the mountains at Trisulti in the Summer we went into the church which is situated in the courtyard of a papal palace of Innocent III (the pope who gave his blessing so that Francis of Assisi, the humble man of vision, could continue with his work as a friar preaching the gospel of love, justice and peace; demonstrating the way of Christ to the church and society in general).
A baptismal service was taking place at the time and many of the side chapels and adjoining rooms were open.


In the courtyard the shepherd boy placard indicates the open door into a semi-darkened room where there's an illuminated Nativity Crib set in a village with scenes and figurines of country folk who are engaged in a traditional way of life and working on different crafts. Some of the models are moving so it's a dynamic and endearing permanent display that has been there for many decades.
The nativity scene or il presepio was first introduced by Francis of Assisi on Christmas Eve of A.D. 1223 when the people of Gubbio in Italy created a living nativity scene in the woods and Francis preached the joyful message of the birth of Jesus Christ - 'the child of Bethlehem'.



  1. thanks for showing us the crib,that is truly amazing, all of it... we are watching a snow storm in Jerusalem today, no snow in dec there since 1953. it makes me wonder if there was snow when Jesus was born...

  2. A wonderful experience and how special to witness a baptism taking place as well. Have a peaceful, joy filled Christmas. Love Molly

  3. Beautiful Linda. I just can't imagine living somewhere with that much history.

  4. Such a wonderful display---really brings home the message of the Christ child. Blessings to you and yours. I have one more week of school before the holidays and am looking forward to the family time.

  5. Also: your header is beautiful! :>)

  6. Mi ha fatto tanto piacere vedere queste immagini, io abito a 20 km da Assisi, la città di S. Francesco.
    Un grande abbraccio

  7. Such wonderful pictures you have shared with us. Thanks you.

  8. Wonderful, Linda. I love the all-year-round cribs I've sometimes seen in Italian churches and the story of Saint Francis and the first crib.