5 Sep 2013

A garden interlude

The recent warm weather meant we could sit out in our daughter's garden in between going out for trips around Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

At the end of the garden there are trees, vines and bushes and at this time of the year there are blackberries to pick.

We enjoyed some blackberry crumble and we also brought some of the black figs from our own garden that are so big and abundant this year we have been sharing them around.

The garden is full of colour and variety with the planting of flowers, vegetables, herbs and ornamental trees.


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous :) I love small gardens that are packed full of interest. Fabulous!

  2. What a fabulous garden! Love the little artistic touches as well as the flowers and the blackberries. Have a blessed day. Beth

  3. I love the campanula in the first pic, such a great shade of blue.
    The figs are huge!

  4. Very impressed with your figs - they are big, much bigger than mine. Did the tree come from Italy? Lovely garden that your DIL has for you all to relax in during this brilliant weather - I knew in my bones that we were heading for an Indian Summer.

    1. Yes,the fig is doing very well here and I think it must be the soil and where it's planted in a sheltered corner.

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    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  6. i love that ivy with the sweet little pink fairy girl flowers.. that is beautiful and your garden is totally totally amazing!

  7. hello
    votre jardin est bien vert
    pour nous c'est beaucoup plus sec
    j'aime beaucoup les fuchias
    et ces superbe figues qui se maris très bien avec un petit canard :::::
    bonne journée
    edith (iris ) France

  8. Such a pretty garden - I see the hare lurking there! The blackberries look lovely as do those figs, I have apples and blackberries so I think a crumble is in order for this weekend:)

  9. What a beautiful garden. I've still got my eye on the hare, I'd love something similar for my own garden. It's nice that you've got a shared hobby, it's always nice to swap plants and exchange information about your gardens.

  10. What a pretty garden and I love the Hare. How lovely to grow figs too.
    Patricia x

  11. What a charming garden filled with beautiful plants and lovely ornaments. Oh my, how lucky are you to have figs?????xxxx

  12. Lovely look at your garden. Those figs look so yummy. Mr g grows figs but they seem to still be green as yet - there are so many on the tree but all green.

  13. Such a beautiful yard and garden. So glad you get to enjoy the labors. I am envious of those figs as black mission figs are my favorite of all fruits. The kadota crop was good here this year, but the black mission seem to be in short supply, at least in the local markets. A friend tells me they are being shipped to other areas where they can get large prices for them.

  14. You really are the most wonderfully green-fingered family, Linda. :-) Your daughter has crammed so many good things into a very small space, not least that lovely statue of a hare.

  15. That looks like just the perfect place to be in pleasant weather. What beautiful plants.

  16. wOw You grow fings in England???? As a real South Italian I could eat them non stop!:-))))
    Have you ever tried them with a slice of prosciutto and mozzarella?
    La fine del mondo:-)))

  17. Love seeing the garden. Picking blackberries, what a treat. Oh my do I want that bunny peaking out from the plants.

  18. One of the nicest things to do is sharing a gardening interest with our family.
    Your daughter has created such an interesting garden - she obviously has inherited this skill from her mother!
    Oh those figs Linda - my mouth is watering!
    My daughter loves gardening too - a shame we are so far apart as I would love to share plants with her!
    Shane x