20 Aug 2013

August days: North Yorkshire coastal resort

We've been going out with the family during the last week on day trips around Derbyshire and Yorkshire, including a day spent at the coast.  Scarborough is one of the nearest seaside resorts to where we live, but it's quite a drive so we rarely go there just for the day. There are two bays and we headed for the quieter sandy beach of North Bay.

We had a fish and chip lunch at a cafe restaurant by the promenade before walking to the beach at the far end of North Bay.

Metal sculptures are becoming a common sight in many places and this one is of an old retired miner sitting and looking out to sea.  He was a friend of the sculptor and one of the first of the Allied Forces to go and liberate the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.  The sculpture serves as a war memorial and also represents the ordinary person who serves in times of critical need. It was very difficult to get a photograph because, as you can imagine, there were many interested people, old and young, crowded around it. It must have looked like a giant to the very young children and there was one little boy gazing at the huge shoes and looking at his own.

We spent the afternoon on the beach before going on up to the castle on the cliffs and the area overlooking the other bay, St. Mary's Church and churchyard where Anne Bronte, the authoress of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Agnes Grey is buried after spending time in Scarborough with her sister, Charlotte, during her last illness. You can read about her life here. Since we visited last, a newly-engraved stone has been put in place by The Bronte Society.

One of the quirky-looking houses in the castle area and opposite St. Mary's Church.

There are beautiful views across the bay to the harbour and a good walk down steps or by a little winding lane to the old town. At this time of the year it's extremely crowded and we were pleased to have stayed in the North Bay and to have finished our day trip in the quiet area on the cliffs before setting off back home.


  1. beautiful so beautiful, the water the building and the man on the bench. and i love love love those colorful buildings. and of course the ruins. the weather looks like you special ordered it for your visit

  2. I like Scarborough - I think that it is rather an underrated place, and people do not necessarily realise what a lot it has to offer.
    Have the ever been to the wonderful church of St. Martin-on-the-Hill which is full of treasures and stained glass windows done by Burne-Jones, Morris, Maddox Brown and Rossetti.

  3. The thing I love the most today is the church and cemetery... I love old churches --and love to visit the cemeteries. BUT--that entire area on the coast looks fabulous. Sounds like you all had a great time... Beautiful sculpture.

  4. I do love the old retired minor, and how funny seeing the little boy gazing at his shoes!

    How jolly those beach huts look, and I can't get over that quirky house. What a lot of character it has.

    I wouldn't mind exploring that churchyard, often they are full of wildlife and wildflowers.....and that old ruin on the hill.xxxx

  5. This looks like an amazing place to visit, so beautiful.
    I love castles and I like to visit old cemeteries as well, in London there are so many where generations of people are buried on top of each other and I find that so weird!
    Much love to you,

  6. Gorgeous photos Linda. When I get back to England for a visit I would love to explore this area. I didn't do much of that when I lived in the UK, just from the Midlands to the Southwest, with a trip up to Scotland once.

  7. Oh sigh! I just love seeing the sea wherever it is and yours is just wonderful. Love the colors of the little beach huts. The blue pot in your header just jumps out at me too when I visit.

  8. hello
    quelle joie d'être allé sur les traces de Anne Brontë
    merci de ces ci belles photos qui repose sur une grande littérature "La locataire de Wildfell hall et Agnes Grey "
    et toutes ces petites maisons toutes en couleurs ,
    bonne journée
    edith (iris) France

  9. The last time we were in Scarborough was a very cold winter's day when we attended a family funeral so it was great to see your sunny photos. I'm glad to see that Anne Bronte has a new stone I always feel sad that she is buried away from her family, espeically her sisters:)

  10. I love Scarborough, it holds lots of memories for me as it's a resort we've often visited for day trips as the children have grown. I think the Yorkshire coast has so much to offer.

  11. Lovely day out. I visited all the nearest seaside towns as a child growing up in Yorkshire - the Lincolnshire coast was also a big draw. Glad you are having a good summer.

  12. This looks like a wonderful place to visit and spend the day. So many colors to enjoy and the sights are beautiful.

  13. I hate to admit this but we've never been to Yorkshire but plan to visit York in the Autumn with a trip to Harrogate. Been waiting years to go and really looking forward to our trip. Your photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing. I love a fish and chip supper too.
    Patricia x

  14. Thanks for this lovely trip around Scarborough, Linda. It's a very long time indeed since I was there and it was good to be reminded of its beauties.

  15. What a lovely area and it looks like you had a terrific trip!


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