28 Jul 2013

Our English garden: July

We arrived back in England to sunshine, blue skies and a different colour combination in the garden as there were white daisies, philadelphus, white pelargoniums and cornflowers, purple and mauve sweetpeas and clematis.
The roses were also in full bloom and now it's the turn of the lavender bushes.
There are splashes of red and yellow here and there from the antirrhinums, pansies and pelargoniums in pots, but the overall impression is a garden containing borders along the cedar hedge of blooms in paler shades of colour.
However, the candy pink flowers of  the phlox are beginning to open and it's not my favourite shade of pink.  The plant is now too big for the raised flower bed and needs to be split up and/or planted elsewhere when it dies down later in the year. Now if it had been mauve or white, which I've seen in the local garden nursery....but at least it's next to the mauve night-scented stocks that are still going strong and some pink pelargoniums.

On the whole I'm pleased with the colour combination this year having added to the already existing plants with those grown from seed or produced from cuttings. Having a small garden means that the raised bed looks rather full at this time of the year, especially as there are some shrubs, vegetables and herbs growing in between the flowering plants.
The covered yard looks like a jungle, but it's good to see the different types of tomato, the beans, peppers and other vegetables developing and ripening slowly.  Some of the tomatoes in the greenhouse at the allotment are ripening up and are ready to gather and enjoy.  There's always the watering to be done in this hot weather, but having a shared allotment lessens the load and having other vegetables growing in the yard and garden is handy.
(Since writing this in draft form we've had a deluge of heavy rain which has flooded the garage because it's on a slight slope, but nothing is damaged and it's just a matter of sweeping the water away. Some of the daisies and cornflowers are going over and looking bedraggled, but there's the benefit of a good watering from Above). I wonder what the weather is like where you are?


  1. Wow, what a beautiful garden you have. The lavender bushes are beautiful and I just love the pink flowers. I did not get to plant vegetables this year and miss that garden. We've had hot weather and then some rainy as well here in the Northeast.

  2. so gorgeous garden, wonderful grandchildren and back home in England, sounds like life is good... our weather is hot and humid...

  3. What a joy of colour and produce your garden is Linda - whatever would we do without them. It is really rewarding to be able to pick the produce and enjoy it, it always tastes so much better from your own garden too. Your pink rose collages are beautiful.

  4. It's all looking glorious and I love the colour scheme. I can understand what you mean about the phlox. A very strident pink can be difficult to place.

  5. Delightful post, Linda!
    Weather here is wonderful for the weekend. After the hottest week of the year, we now have cool breezes flowing in from Canada. It's a pleasant 72 degrees Farenheit, low humidity. Ideal and our weekend is going along smoothly, like silk. :)

  6. The weather here in Texas is brutal! Its like living on the surface of the sun!!
    Your garden is beautiful, I know those grand kids keep you busy because my 2 are non stop! Have a great week my friend!
    Tammy x

  7. Beautiful colors and flowers, Linda. I love your England home ---but I really really love your area in Italy... You are so fortunate to have both. Think I'd want to spend most of my time in Italy though... ha

    We have had WAY too much rain so far this spring/summer... BUT--the rains have kept the temperatures down --which I love (since I hate hot weather)...


  8. I love the colours in your garden flowers and it all looks so pretty. We had a flooded garage too! The rain was welcome but it doesn't seem to have touched the dry soil at all, I expect there will be more later today:)

  9. très jolies palettes de fleurs et de couleurs
    nous aussi en Normandie , nous avons eu des gros orages
    de la pluie , que le jardin a apprécié , après les grosses chaleurs 38°
    bonne semaine
    edith (iris) France

  10. Your garden is beautiful Linda. Did you have someone watering those lovely plants whilst you were away? I have never grown roses before but last weekend we bought one from a garden centre and potted it up in a large pot. Now I don't know if I've let it get too dry or indeed whether I then over-watered but all the flowers have dropped off and it looks very sorry for itself. Any tips would be most welcome!
    Patricia x

  11. Gorgeous flowers and those vegetables look fantastic!
    We have had so much rain that a lot of gardens here are doing poorly. The farmers are anxious here in Southeastern Ohio.

  12. Such a luscious beauty and variety in your garden. We need rain here and the flowers are already waning. It's been such an unusual summer.

  13. Your garden is luscious! It is always fun to see another's garden. Our figs are far behind yours in development, yet our lavender is definitely past it's prime. The roses will continue into the fall. The daisies are about finished. Your flowers are a true joy to see.

  14. Your garden musty be a real delight with so much luxuriance of colour and so many crops starting to bear fruit. Super!

  15. Oh Linda
    "What green fingers you have" - your beautiful garden and thriving plants are a credit to you - it's obvious you love and care about each and every plant!
    Please tell me the names of your roses and I"m drooling over your phlox paniculata sitting sweetly beneath the fig tree!
    I'm just back from France and slowly making my way around the traps again!
    Are you in Italy? A glorious summer in Europe.
    Looking forward to catching up with you again soon!
    Shane ♥

  16. Beautiful garden and photographs, Linda! Here in the middle of the Great Plains, we have had a surprisingly cool(er) summer, with ample rain! Everything is very green and pretty instead of dry as a bone like the previous couple of years. Have been enjoying your posts from Italy, too! Blessings to you and yours, Bess


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