16 May 2013

The Cathedral Quarter, Sheffield

When I go into Sheffield city centre I usually get off at the tram stop by Sheffield Anglican Cathedral. In recent months there have been noticeable changes around the front entrance and also inside due to a re-ordering of the main building.

The former churchyard used to have iron railings around it.  In recent years the tram route was constructed through the area and it must have been quite an undertaking and upheaval at the time to put this transport system in place.

On a snowy day earlier this year there was a church service to dedicate to God the re-ordering project which will give better access to all including an entrance that will be easier for the disabled and with more facilities for welcoming visitors.

There is boarding around the Cathedral frontage where the workmen are working on the entrance, have been putting up the scaffolding etc.
The pews in the main body of the cathedral were taken out in preparation for the work in the nave.  Two of the adjoining chapels, including the Shrewsbury Chapel, were closed off to protect them from the building work and the nave was boarded up from other chapels that are now being used for services, St. George's Chapel or the Holy Spirit Chapel.

                                                               The Holy Spirit Chapel

There are still places in the Cathedral to spend some quiet time and  people are welcomed and come in and out all the time. You can view the work being done by the workmen in the nave and west end entrance through viewing panels.  There's access through a side door and the work of serving the city continues in many other ways in a place where there has been a Christian worshipping presence for nearly a thousand years.



  1. Oh, these images are all so gorgeous, I am smitten!
    The first one is my favourite, though, love the dramatic light after a rain, the reflections, the whole scene.

  2. Gorgeous cathedral. We love to visit churches --no matter what size. Cathedrals usually just take my breath away! Beautiful!!!! Glad you could get in to see what is happening. Hopefully, you can go back once all of the work is complete.


  3. What an impressive building both inside and out. We don't visit Sheffield very often but I must put this on my list of places to visit next time we do:)

  4. It is lovely to see trams lines and the overhead cables all set off by the rainburst followed by sunshine and blue skies.

  5. That stained glass window is stunning. There's some really beautiful cathedrals and churches around.

  6. What great photos. I love those of the trams and the blue skies behind the Cathedral. Would love to visit the quiet places and see the stained glass.

  7. It is hard to imagine a 1000 years for the Cathedral. Your history is so long and intriguing.
    I love the old cathedrals of England. I still remember visiting Salisbury Cathedral some years ago.

  8. Gorgeous photos and beautiful cathedral - I've never been to Sheffield - I'd love to make it over there one day :)

  9. It's so fascinating for me to imagine that there have been people worshiping at that site for a thousand years. We certainly have a history of people here for that long but there's nothing physical to show for it remaining as the Native American's from here did not build permanent lodgings.

  10. I am feeling guilty Linda because I don't think I have ever been into the Cathedral in Sheffield, although I have walked past it many, many times. Have you visited St. Marie's? Now, there you will find a younger version of me. Gorgeous photos.