6 Apr 2013

Saturday morning outing

This morning we took the opportunity to get out in the sunshine. The lanes are now clear, although the snow hasn't melted where it has drifted, particularly against stone walls.


Agden Reservoir.  It was completed in 1869 and holds 560 million gallons of water.  The word 'agden' means 'valley of the oak trees'.

We went up to High Bradfield as I wanted to take some photos from St. Nicholas' churchyard and higher up the hill behind the church.

View from a window of The Old Horns Inn.  It was built on the site of an older inn in 1830 and was previously used as a farm.

 A view across to Bradfield Dale from the churchyard.

 The hill in the distance to the right is the site of what was an old encampment, probably Saxon.

The church was closed although sometimes there's an opportunity to visit outside service times.

This photo was taken last year at this time of the year when the daffodils were out.  This building next to the church is a Watch House, built in 1832 to allow a guard to watch over the graveyard for possible body snatchers.

I was pleased to see the Lesser Celandine as it really speaks to me of Springtime.


  1. Today was a beautiful day, glad you managed to make the most of it. I looked at my blog posts for this time last year and all the cherry blossom and magnolias were in flower.

  2. What a lovely day out! The sky is so blue. I never thought about having a watch tower in case of bodysnatching which I know was rife at that time. What a beautiful church and such wonderful views across the surrounding area:)

  3. Gorgeous day yesterday here too. Sunshine was even warm! Still looks cold over there with you Linda. Gorgeous photos as usual. I think I would like to explore over that side of the county. It is not an area I have visited much. I particularly like the photo of the gravestone looking out across the valley.

  4. Oh your walk in and around the village where you live is so beautiful. I am always struck when visiting in Europe the old history there in the buildings and surroundings. Love seeing you now have crocus blooming. The first time I saw crocus come up through the snow I was just amazed that such beauty could rise through the cold. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It looks like a lovely day out. It's nice to have some decent weather so we can get out and about again, it's definitely warmed up here over the weekend, I just hope the better weather is here to stay now.

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! I feel like I have been on a great tour :)

  7. Hi Linda,

    I enjoyed seeing where you went walking, such a beautiful place.
    Glad that the weather allowed you to venture out - hope the daffodils will be growing there soon.

    Happy new week

  8. Love all your photos Linda as I am so surprised to see all the snow you have left. I always thought of England as being much more mild weathered that where I live here in Ohio. We have such extremes in our weather, and very few "just perfect" days. But we did have a few over the weekend and we getting some much needed rain in the next few days as it has been unusually dry here. Despite the rain we're enjoying warmer nights and even warmer days which is so welcome after such a cold, harsh winter.
    Your photos once again make me want to visit England. Actually make me want to live there :)
    Haven't been blogging for the last week cause I haven't been feeling very well. Not really sick enough to stay home from work, but just bad enough that all I wanted to do was sleep the rest of the time. Hopefully I'll get some energy back and be about visiting blogger friends again this week and maybe getting out a post or two. With the warmer weather coming on, I probably won't be blogging as much since there is so much to do outside.
    Thank you again for these gorgeous photos. Love them all, especially the one of the tombstone with the rolling hills in the background and sheep. Just lovely. Have a nice week.

  9. Oh what a treat! I feel like I've been walking with you. Wonderful.xxxxx

  10. Looks like you had also a lot of snow this winter.... and the crocusses blossoming, how beautiful