10 Mar 2013


Today is a day for celebrating motherhood,
 so happy Mother's Day!

 In the Christian liturgical calendar this day
is called Mothering Sunday.
It falls within the Lenten period -
a time of reflection before Easter.
 The word 'lent' comes from
the Anglo-Saxon for the lengthening
of daylight hours around about the month of March
after the dark days of Winter.

In some churches there's a custom of handing
 out bunches of Spring flowers at
the Mothering Sunday service.
It originates from the days when
girls who lived-in as domestic servants
were given the time off to return home
and usually take a small gift of flowers and maybe
the traditional Simnel Cake

It's good that the church service is inclusive
and bunches of flowers are given out by
the children to all the ladies. 
Mother's Day can also be a poignant one
as we remember our mothers
who are no longer with us.

Later today I'm going out with our
younger daughter, grandchildren
and husband for tea and cake so
I'm sure there will be more photos
to share another time!

Yesterday, I went to the International
Women's Day Conference in the city, which
this year highlighted women's health issues


  1. Happy Mother's day Linda. Enjoy your family time. I hope you will blog about the conference. That sounds an interesting workshop.

  2. enjoy your day out and Happy Mothers day, love that basket of flowers. and the church with the food cart in front is wonderful

  3. Happy Mother's Day Linda. I didn't know until today that England celebrates Mother's Day in March. I love the tradition of handing out flowers. Such a sweet way to honor women.

  4. What a lot of history and tradition there is behind Mothering Sunday or Mothers' Day as it seems to be called now. I remember us children taking bunches of daffodils home from the woods on our way back from Sunday school on Mothering Sunday. I hope you had a lovely day:)

  5. Hope you had a lovely day yesterday. The workshop sounds really interesting.

  6. I hope you had a lovely time with your family yesterday, Linda. I got to see my youngest son and to thinking about why we never used to celebrate Mother's Day in my family until recently.

  7. Lovely pictures. I hope that you had a great weekend. Jx

  8. Sounds as if you had a lovely Mothering Sunday. I enjoyed reading your post about it...you are someone who lives it. We don't have a Mothering Sunday during Lent here in the US...I read that our Mother's Day in May is an adaptation of Mothering Sunday in Great Britain.

  9. Lovely post Linda and I enjoyed the history of Mothering Sunday. Glad you had a good one. We went away to Suffolk for the weekend but glad to get home to see the family. Will post some photos soon.
    Patricia x