5 Dec 2012

'Angels from the realms of glory...'

Angels from the realms of glory
Wing your flight o'er all the earth.
Ye who sang creation's story, 
Now proclaim Messiah's birth;
Come and worship,
Come and worship,
Worship Christ the new born King.

This well-known carol will be sung in carol services during the coming Christmas season.

James Montgomery (1771-1854) who wrote it was a British editor, poet, hymn-writer and prominent figure in the Sunday school movement who was born in Scotland of missionary parents who lived and died in Sheffield.  He was also known for humanitarian causes such as campaigns to end slavery and the exploitation of child chimney sweeps.

The above memorial window to the hymn writer is in Sheffield Anglican Cathedral and shows a host of angels and St. Matthew, Moses, David and St. John, four witnesses acknowledging God's glory throughout time and eternity. His monument stands in the churchyard outside the window.
He holds a Bible in his hand and engraved are extracts from his poems, 'The Grave' and 'Prayer'.


  1. i am singing the song now, be glad you don't have ears to hear it with. but i do love the song and that host of angels is wonderful. love the tall spires.

  2. Another lovely post, those stained glassed windows in the church are phenomenal.

  3. Thank you for posting this wonderful hymn and for the information about the composer. Your photos of the windows are glorious, but all of your pictures of the cathedral are beautiful.

  4. This is one of my favourite carols, Linda, and it's lovely to learn more about the man who wrote it in this great post.

  5. Wow---I was sitting in the car today waiting on George to take a package into the post office. AND--I heard Angels from the Realms of Glory... It was on the car radio. LOVE IT, Linda!!!!! AND thinking about it now while looking at those cathedral photos makes me SMILE... Thanks!!!

  6. I love the stained glass windows.

  7. Beautiful windows. Thank you for reminding me of James Montgomery. I know growing up I heard of him, but haven't remembered.