30 Oct 2012

Market Treats

When we are in Italy we often go to the weekly market in a local market place. 


As well as the regional variety of ciambelle biscuits, sweet and savoury, hand-made pasta, honey  and other cakes there are tarts with different fillings.
My sisters-in-law are all good cooks and make their own breads, pasta and desserts, but I like to buy at these artisan market stalls to take as a gift or for when someone comes to visit us at home.

Last time I bought a tart with a zabaglione custard filling and a tray of biscuits.

 I've been looking through a new recipe book with the idea of cooking some different desserts other than apple pies, jam tarts and sponge cakes. I'm not keen on chocolate spread, but the grandchildren love it so a crostata with a cream filling would be very popular.  


  1. love that first photo of the abbey, a place i would love to see. and i gained 3 pounds looking at all this delicious food.

  2. Wonderful posts and photos, Linda. Just trying to catch up now after the blogging break caused by travelling.

  3. Hi Linda,

    We are so lucky getting to see the lovely place where you went for your holidays.
    The Abbey and the food at the market looks wonderful, as does the sponge cake with chocolate ...yum!

    Enjoy the week

  4. HI Linda, Great picture of the abbey --and that area opposite the abbey had alot of great things to buy/eat..... YUM...

    Your Victoria Sponge Cake looked delicious also... Makes me hungry!!!! ha


  5. I must say it is a relief to be back on-line. I have enjoyed catching up with your recent posts and would have enjoyed a slice of that delicious looking Victoria sponge to go with my cup of tea.

  6. A lovely series of photos, each one very enjoyable. I don't do much baking these days so enjoy buying home made goodies from places such as these. Thank you for stopping by with your sweet comment recently, and have a great day :)

  7. Your sponge cake looks delicious! What a special place to travel to in Italy. I would love shopping at the market too.

  8. We're trying hard to "be good" so no sugary treats right now, but I'm sure admiring yours! It's nice to be able to send the goodies with the grands, isn't it? Lovely market views.

  9. Hi Ms Linda, how are you? It must be a delight to be in a relative's house with so many choices of goodies to purchase. We have a local version here and we call is Sunday Market. It's only open on Sundays in a very wide, spacious space and many things are sold there too.

    Take care!