5 Sep 2012

On the other side of the wall

There are one or two doors on this side of the walled
                                                          garden in the park.

This one is a false door made up from the carved
surround of an entrance to the Hall that is now the library. 

             This door leads into the park rangers' quarters. It was the stable block...

and this is the actual building on the other side of the wall
(taken last year in mid Summer). 

There's a wild life area with a pond

 The plants in the herbaceous borders are now going to seed, 
but  this area is still a haven for birds and insects.

I guess this bird is happy on either side of the wall.



  1. Hi, Just wanted to drop by and say HELLO. It's been a busy week/month --and just gonna get busier.

    The 'other side' of the wall is gorgeous also... Sometimes the other sides of things are not very pretty--but this one really is!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Where is this place? I'd call this heaven!! It is such a beautiful place surrounded with greens..... I hope I could replicate this when I have my own home. I like the 2nd and 12th photo! Take care :)

  3. A lovely series of photos, I am always fascinated by doors.:)

  4. i am in love with this place, so very beautiful, i can't even pick a favorite shot today. i love both doors, would so love to sit, walk do anything in this place.

  5. The pictures are fantastic. Love the little wooden 'Squirrel Green' sign.

  6. I think I would like to climb over that wall. The photos are fantastic!

  7. Stunning. It looks like a nice place to sit with a cup of coffee and just look and listen.