3 Aug 2012

By the old wall

I went for a walk in the park intending to go into the walled garden and library. I didn't linger outside because there was a steady drizzle of rain. There's a path and plant border that leads to the library beside the old wall and there's always something different to see as the months of the year go by.

I like the combination colours of the teasels and the evening primrose flowers.

There's an old yew tree just by the entrance to the children's library 
and I sheltered under it to take a photo of the rose garden.

There are masses of hydrangea bushes by the library with flowers of all different hues.


  1. my mothers yard was full of hydrangeas, she loved them. i love the flowers in the first two shots, i have never seen them, or even heard of teezles. they are beautiful as is your photo

  2. I love the electric blue colour of the teazle flowers. I bought a plant last year from the garden centre. Trouble is I think it may have had babies all over the place, there look to be loads of little teazle like seedlings in my flower border :( Your pictures are gorgeous.

  3. What beautiful flowers and that tree trunk is intriguing.

  4. Such peaceful beauty in what to many is a sanctuary. I know a library is just that to me. I can't imagine having a beautiful garden surrounding it---that would be awesome. Our tend to be squat in the middle of our towns and cities and are surrounded by cement---walks, streets, other buildings crowding in. This looks awesome!