30 Jul 2015

Scavenger Hunt: July

Scavenger Hunt is organised by Greenthumb of Made with Love Blog. Thank you Greenthumb. If you click on the Scavenger Hunt code on my side bar you can find out more.

July's list:-

D is for ?, wide, edge, cylindrical, feelings, mysterious, weed, joke, pile, speed, night, whatever you want

I had to use my photo archive as this month I didn't have the opportunity to find and take photos to illustrate two or three of the subjects on the list.




Roughshod Young Actors Company from Riding Lights Theatre came to the Cathedral in July and gave several performances of sketches on the themes of freedom and liberty that challenged us. Afterwards we were able to chat with the group over tea and cake from the new cathedral cafe.


The Cascade, Chatsworth. Derbyshire
wide, narrow -  
perspective distortion


'Chaise Lawn' by Deger Cengiz for the design studio 'Raw Edges' next to the Canal Pond, Chatsworth

A flower pot made from a piece of clay pipe demonstrates how ordinary items were utilised in the WWII 'Dig for Victory' kitchen garden displayed at Chatsworth.


One from the family album - Grandson no. 3, taken quite a few years ago.  Now in his early twenties he's still enjoying life to the full, which makes us happy.


I came across this abandoned house whilst on a walk down in the valley near where we live. Who had lived there and why had it been left to become a ruin?
Later I found out that it had once been owned by a local mill owner, then it was the out-of-town residence of a steel manufacturer before becoming the social club for the workers of a refractory brick works. As the valley remains undeveloped this building has been left derelict. The photo is taken from the lane as it wasn't possible to get any nearer due to safety issues.


A flower bed by the outside wall of the walled garden in the local park has been left in a wild state possibly to encourage bees and other pollinators, but that spear thistle planted as an ornamental will still have to be dealt with soon before it starts to produce seeds. Apparently there's a saying - Cut thistles in May they'll grow in a day, cut them in June that's too soon, cut them in July then they will die. For the moment the insects appreciate the flowers!


One of our collection of mugs - a gift from grandchildren to Mr. P. - has 'knock knock' jokes on it.



archive photo from last March at the terminus rail station of Roma (Fiumicino) Airport.
Le Frecce are a series of high speed trains connecting cities and towns across Italy. They can reach a speed of 250 km/hour. The above is the ETR600 pendolino Frecciargento 'Silver Arrow'.


On a warm evening in Italy my husbandworks in the garden. Dark skies and on that night there was a full moon........in contrast to an evening out at a restaurant in my home town.


Wild flowers and other summer-flowering plants have been grown in a patch in the local park. Although the creeping thistles have taken over in some places, the plot still looks very colourful. 


  1. What a lot of material in this post. I love your daisies - so pretty and delicate, the wild flowers are stunning too and good to see they are being allowed to thrive in your local park. So much culture in Sheffield these days - it really is a fascinating place to live in now.

  2. Lind, your photos are brilliant. Love the one of your grandson.

  3. Wonderful collection, I have managed to take part this month, will post tomorrow. Love the daisy, saw some in someone's garden just this week. And how great the park has grown some wild flowers they look so nice.
    Amanda xx

  4. Great finds! I think that I like your whatever you like pictures of the beautiful flowers best of all! They are so pretty aren't they!! xx

  5. Super photos, Linda I too struggled to find the photos to fit the topics this time. How funny that we both chose thistles and wild flowers. I love your D for daisies and the wildflowers too also mysterious and feelings. Have a lovely weekend:)

  6. I enjoy the way so my municipal authorities have planted colourful wildflower patches up and down the country - they delight the eye. You always manage to find an interesting and eclectic variety of photos for your Scavenger Hunt - love those fringed daisies.

  7. I like that edge chaise lounge, and the coffee cup, and the flowers. This was a tough one, I thought, but you handled it marvelously.

  8. Absolutely LOVED daisy!!! And cylindrical, feelings was ever so sweet too!
    Oooooh....mysterious is marvelous, I have an utter fascination for abandoned houses and former residents too, they always have me feeling so melancholy somehow, we have lots on the sand dunes here.
    Good on hubs gardening under the moon, how lovely, and their is so much info re planting etc re moon cycles! I would have enjoyed that in Italy too!
    Just LOVED the wildflowers.xxx

  9. I always love your scavenger hunts. And yes, that is a lovely daisy.