26 Jul 2014

Just calling by to say 'Hello'

Hydrangea and English lavender - a corner of the front garden - July

We've just returned from a time in the south of England and when we travel down to Berkshire we usually take a break in south Oxfordshire.

Cookley Green, S. Oxfordshire

This time we stopped at a garden centre in that area which specialises in herbs and local produce. There's also a maze in the grounds which I haven't seen for some time. The beech hedges are now well established and I successfully got to the raised area in the centre.  However, it wasn't so easy to get back through the winding paths to the entrance. They're not straight as the design, based on a Saxon motif, is a complicated one. DH was looking at the plants in the garden centre so it didn't matter that I had been gone for some time before joining him there! After browsing around we bought a Thai basil plant and some pots of special fruit preserves.

The Maze - viewed from the raised centre.  It's difficult to photograph the pathways clearly unless you have a bird's eye view.
The Maze - raised area.

The Orangery Coffee Shop and Tea Garden

How about this for a garden seat if you have the space in your garden?!  I should think it's made from one piece of wood.

Our daughter's garden


  1. you certainly have done a lot while you were away from us... family, friends, weddings and birthdays and all of them in these beautiful places... i love the orangery shop and the gardens. so much beauty

  2. What a busy, but such enjoyable, summer you're having. The maze sounds like lots of fun, and the garden seat is beautiful, I love the little creatures carved in to it. What a fabulous garden your daughter has, I think the green fingers must have been passed down in her genes and I'm coveting her beautiful hare.

  3. It was lovely to see a post from you Linda and what a delightful one it is, loved all the photographs. Your daughter's garden is also very colorful with all those pretty flowers. A busy summer for you but I know you are having a great time with your family.

  4. The places you visit are beautifully intriguing. Sounds like you are having a good summer.

  5. Hello! Great to hear that you are well and having a good time.
    Oh I do miss a good garden centre, they are few and far between down here. Although for the wallet it's probably not such a bad thing!

  6. Lovely pictures. The wooden seat is a beauty should like to have something like that and not to forget your daughter's courtyard garden, what a wonderful garden to spend, she has lots of beautiful plants.

  7. So good to hear from you, Linda... I always enjoy your blog posts--and knew that you had been busy. Wow--what an incredible time you must have had. The homes/flowers/everything is gorgeous there. I especially loved the wooden sculpture. Amazing what people can do with wood carvings now.. Gorgeous.

    Have a great remainder of the summer and stop by when you can.

  8. The color combination in the first photo are lovely.
    Each and every photo is always enjoyed as you venture in the villages and country side.
    Thanks also very the visit to your daughters garden.
    Sounds like you are enjoying a special time with family during the summer time.

  9. Sounds like a lovely summer so far Lynda. Enjoyed looking at your photos as usual. See you she you check in next. Enjoy the rest of the sunny days and family times. Xx

  10. Glad all is well with you Linda, and that you have been enjoying the summer with your family - the garden centre looks a great place to break your journey - lots of temptations there.
    My garden is beginning to suffer from the heat, we now need some rain to perk everything up again.

  11. I thought I'd left a comment here but knowing me, I got sidetracked. I did read your lovely post yesterday though and it's wonderful, I get lost in your lovely photos and trips. Suzy xx

  12. What beautiful photographs, As always it is lovely to catch up with your comings and goings. Not sure if you knew but my youngest daughter lives in Salisbury!

  13. You have certainly been very busy while away from the blog, so good to hear you had a good time.
    Such delightful sights, love all those flowers and the a-maze-ing maze!

    While there are many parks and trees around here in Vienna, the city can certainly not compete with the gorgeous garden landscapes in your pictures!
    Regarding a place in the shade in the city, here are some more images of the place you commented on, -> under the trees at Mochi's

    May your summer continue to be a font of joy,

  14. It is lovely to hear from you Linda and catch up on what you have been up to. Your daughters garden is beautiful, she obviously has inherited her gardening talents from you and your husband! I hope that you have a nice time on your return to Yorkshire. xx

  15. Lovely to hear what you have been up too, wonderful pics depicting your summer. I love the wooden seat and the hare in your daughter's courtyard.xxx

  16. Like Suzy, I thought I had left a comment yesterday but must have forgotten whilst looking at your photos. Hydrangeas and lavenders are two of my favourites - gardens always look so wonderful at this time of year. So glad that you have been having a lovely time and catching up with your family and it sounds like you have some more interesting times to come too:)

  17. Dear Linda - in response to your comment on my garden post, just thought you might be interested to know that I do not put my morning glories straight into the ground but place them in quite big pots, preferably ones that the slugs cannot climb. Perhaps you could salvage the ones you have and give them a new home in a pot, but if you do that give them some tender loving care to get them on their way.

  18. What lovely places you've been during your busy summer with family and friends! Thanks for sharing your travels with us, and we're glad you're enjoying your summer. Safe travelling and hope your family are well. -Beth

  19. Hello Linda, you have been having a busy time. I enjoyed your photographs, especially your daughter's garden. Oxfordshire looks really pretty too. Many thanks for your comments on my blog, you should go back to Corfu if you get the opportunity, it's wonderful. I am very fortunate that my hubby is such a holiday person and insists that we have one each year, because if left to me I think I would be happy in my garden, but it is so good to get away and then come back with fresh eyes.
    Enjoy your visit with your daughter, with love, Linda xx

  20. A delightful fresh-aire post! Thanks for the gorgeous pictures and I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your family and friends!

  21. hello
    profiter de votre famille , tout en prenant plaisir à ce qu'il y a autour de vous
    merci de se voyage dans les allées du jardin
    à très bientôt
    edith (iris)

  22. What a wonderful time you must be having with the family and a great time to b e in England for the blooms.

  23. Gosh, you've been having a busy and enjoyable time, Linda. Your daughter's garden is beautiful. She has obviously inherited her father's green fingers. :)