8 Nov 2013

High Bradfield, Bradfield Dale, Yorkshire

Although this photo was taken yesterday (Thursday) during a morning spent out and about in Bradfield Dale, on Tuesday evening we were in the same spot where we were sitting cosily in our car.
You may wonder why we were parked on a dark country lane?  Well, the date was 5th November which is the traditional evening on which bonfire parties and firework displays are held in the UK, although these days large events are organised for the weekend if the date falls in the week.

The village inn at High Bradfield, which is next to the church, has been hosting this popular event for years and since moving to the area we've often gone along to it. We drove along the top road and through the village, but we didn't stay there as the narrow lanes were crowded with visitors. Instead we decided to stay warm, sit in the car and watch the firework display from across the valley as the village and landmark church are so high up we could get a good view of the fireworks as they burst across the night sky. The Jubilee Beacon had been lit instead of a bonfire this year.  We could see an observer helicopter overhead, the lights of traffic, including a bus, circling the area, going up the steep hill from Low Bradfield to High Bradfield and then across the moor road. When the display had finished we left and were soon back home since we're only a few minutes drive away.

I took some night time shots, but of course, with mixed results and the above was edited to show the outline of the church against the night sky as well as a burst of light and colour from the fireworks. The others are not edited and there were some strange, but beautiful images.

                                                            the Jubilee Beacon

                                              the crowds in the courtyard of the inn

                                           High Bradfield and the inn on Thursday, 7th November

                         St. Nicholas' Church and the inn from the lane leading to Low Bradfield.                                                                    

                                                                         Damflask Reservoir

More about our Thursday morning around Bradfield next time. It's always good to see autumnal colours against blue skies!


  1. Your firework pictures are amazing, I have never seen any pictures like that, but I really like them! xx

  2. I think the best place to watch fireworks is from a car. I have to confess that I stayed in and didn't even look out of the window, even though I could hear all the bangs. There's more displays and bonfires this weekend so it isn't over yet, much to Archie's disgust, he's been a bag of nerves this year.

  3. Oh those blue skies!
    But that last shot is wonderful too, with those gorgeous colours reflected in the water.

  4. What wonderful blue skies on your Thursday visit. It looks like you had a super fireworks display on Tuesday night too. Have a good weekend:)

  5. Looks like you had perfect 'seats' to view the fireworks… What a gorgeous place. I love that rock fence in that one photo… Your fall colors are pretty against that BLUE sky.

  6. awesome photos and i love the night shots, the squiggles are like art and very pretty.. the pastoral scenes are all fantastic


  7. What gorgeous rolling countryside Linda. Looks just like the movies I've seen and your photos always make me want to visit England more than ever. I would love to go on one of your walks with you and soak it all in. Or better yet, I would love to live there too. I'm not sure I would ever get over the beauty of your villages and countryside. I think I was born on the wrong continent :)

  8. I love to watch fireworks displays - such lovely colors against the nights sky. What a lovely area!

  9. Beautiful Yorkshire that came top in a recent tourist attraction listing I believe.

  10. My, oh my! Just rich textures and colors...indeed, you have a tapestry here :)

  11. Oh how I would have loved sitting there with you.
    I do love a fireworks show. The green rolling hills
    are just gorgeous too!

  12. Glorious photos! I feel as though I took this walk myself. Thank you so much for sharing!

  13. What a display, I can just imagine you all snuggy and warm in the car enjoying the fireworks. Certainly some interesting images there!xxxx

  14. The Yorkshire dales are a beautiful part of England!
    Guy Fawkes night is still celebrated here on 5th November too. The fireworks photos are great Linda!

    Wishing you a happy week.

  15. Gosh, your weather was good on Thursday! Beautiful photos of a wonderful area. You did very well with your firework photos too and I'm glad you enjoyed the display.