26 Jul 2013

Italy: A hill town in the evening

Boville Ernica is one of the local hill towns in our region so we often go there when we're in Italy. During this last time in Italy we went there several times in the evenings with my husband's sister and husband.  Being so high up there are spectacular views and beautiful sunsets.

The traditional Abruzzese copper water container has now become an iconic regional item that can be seen in many public places.  Artwork in different metals is well known in the area. The only one I have is a pottery ornament as it's a popular gift that reminds us of former times when a woman obtained water from a local spring and would transport the container full of water on her head.

This is the local public washing area where the townsfolk would gather to wash their clothes in the water tanks of running water.

The town has very strong fortifications and there are three rows of surrounding walls and eighteen watch towers.  The entrance gate to one of the palaces opens up into a small courtyard and this leads to other, well-lit, narrow streets and the main square.

There are cafes and little rustic-style eating places many with small garden courtyards. and one of these has become a favourite with a very friendly owner and staff.  Il frantoio is an olive oil press and there was one inside the cave-like restaurant with its thick stone walls.

There was a selection of little dishes of breads, olives, salads, cheeses, fish and cooked meats to start with, then home made pasta or pizza followed by fruit and traditional local biscuits (ciambelline) - chocolate flavoured and very crispy.  Afterwards we went for an espresso coffee in a nearby cafe.

This gelateria (cafe/ice cream shop) is set in the outer walls of the town and there are views of the surrounding countryside from the top road and terraced areas around the outer wall.


  1. Oh my gosh, I hope you know how very blessed you are!
    Italy is gorgeous, I had heard that the Countryside of Italy was beautiful but I didn't know it was so green and lush... and I love the look of the buildings..
    I'd love to visit there,
    Tammy x

  2. I do like the way Italy has kept its little medieval hill towns intact and often untouched by the modern world. Love the night time photos, brings by memories - I can smell the wood smoke and the chestnuts cooking.

  3. my eyes and camera would be on total overload if I were there.. the hilltop at night could be an old castle with torches outside. i love the collage with all the bricks and arched doorways... so much beauty... and my favorite is the medieval laundromat...

  4. Easy to see why you lie Italy so much and go as often as you can. This is a very beautiful village in a gorgeous setting, and your photos are spectacular.

  5. Eating out is one of the great pleasures of Italy, so often blessed with a wonderful view. The terrace on the old wall looks like a lovely spot.

  6. Wow Linda.... What a perfect place... Seeing a beautiful little city/town and its beauty along with having a great meal and THEN seeing a sunset has to be the ultimate of JOY..... Gorgeous!!!!


  7. Oh Linda it looks just heavenly and I absolutely love those street lamps - I'm always to be found taking pictures of them too.
    Patricia x

  8. Your hill town reminds me of our time visiting hill towns in France. It looks so similar and we loved each and every one. Oh how I love seeing places like this in Europe. Just lovely!

  9. Beautiful! Reminds me of France too :)

  10. Gosh, you're making me homesick for Italy with these evocative pictures, Linda. I'm only familiar with some of the hill towns of Umbria (especially Assisi) and have many happy memories of wandering their narrow streets at night, when they are least crowded and most atmospheric.


Thank you for your kind comment which is much appreciated. Have a lovely day.