23 Jul 2013

A sense of history

A member of the National Association of Toastmasters did his bit to announce the happy news of the Royal Birth yesterday evening and crowds started to arrive at Buckingham Palace for the official public notice to be placed near the gates of the courtyard.

                                                           Photos:  courtesy BBC News

I couldn't miss the opportunity to post about the event and congratulate the happy couple on the safe arrival of their baby.
We had our own personal reason to be pleased as down in Berkshire, not far from the village of Bucklebury where the Duchess of Cambridge's family must have been celebrating their own good news, our first born daughter was enjoying a birthday party in the garden with her children and friends! We couldn't be with DD, but we could be in touch by phone on this special day to wish her a very happy birthday!

Here's our elder daughter at her chiristening with my maternal grandmother, my mother, grandmother and great aunts. What do you think of the hats and handbags? I wonder what the Royals will be wearing when the newest member of the family is christened? No doubt there will be some fashionable outfits!


  1. I like the old photos and the lady standing next to the baby with the purse on her arm, looks like what the queen wear now. i have seen her in a hat and coat very much like this one.....

  2. I LIKE those handbags! I love older photos, LOVE them, and the thing about British women, most of your are just pure ladies with wonderful manners... not at all rude and just all around lovely.
    I do love the British! Such taste and class!
    I loved sitting yesterday with my eyes glued to the live feed at the hospital waiting for the announcement of the birth...
    I'm so excited!! Long live the little future King!

  3. Yes a definite sense of history Linda. I've been glued to the tv all morning to see the new prince but evidently they may not leave hospital until 6 this evening, if not tomorrow! I am a royalist through and through and enjoy all the footage they are showing at the moment.
    Patricia x

  4. The ladies in their hats, coats with handbags look like they could be some of my Great Aunts --when I was a little girl... I'm sure your daughter had a great birthday. Sorry you couldn't be there!!!!

    Congrats on the birth of a future king (maybe)---although I think Queen Elizabeth will live for about 200 years... ha ha...


  5. I love those pics, especially the hats....marvelous!xxxx

  6. I hadn't thought of the christening, but it will be fashionable for sure. How exciting for your country to have a new prince. I remember the fashions in that last photo.


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