13 Mar 2013

Just looking

On Sunday afternoon our daughter had intended to take me and our grand daughter out for afternoon tea after our walk.  Unfortunately, by the time we got back to the area of town near the Botanical Gardens it was getting late and it was very cold.  We've decided to make a date and return another time to one of the many tea shops there.
There are lots of small, independent shops in this particular high street and we had a quick look at the window displays before returning home for a cup or tea.

There's something for everyone in this corner of town and another reason to return another day when these shops are open on a weekday.


  1. Looks like lovely shopping and eating. That cake place looks very tempting. I am a pushover for cake and icing.

  2. The shops are certainly colourful. I love places where there's independent shops, too many chain stores these days.

  3. These do look like fascinating shops to visit. I think I would be especially interested in the first one you pictured.

  4. I bet you had a great time wandering around those lovely shops. Afternoon tea sounds great.
    Patricia x

  5. Real pretty photos and great window displays. I loved looking at them, thanks Linda :)

  6. Wow---I'm sure you will go back there. There's so much to see there---plus some tea of course. How about some CAKE too?????? ha


  7. Love those colorful shop window displays. What a fun place to go. The cakes look yummy.

  8. Hi Linda,

    Lovely photos and what a sweet shop - For people who like cake!
    I hope you can go back there for tea and cake.

    Hope you are enjoying the week

  9. That looks like an interesting street to walk down. I think I'd definitely want to go back when the shops are open:)

  10. Oh the colors are just speak of Spring. I can't wait until you share pictures of having tea and cake right there.

  11. Dear Linda
    How on earth did I miss this lovely post?!
    Beautiful shops all decked out to welcome Spring.
    Such pretty colours - love the orange bag and floral scarf! Don't think I'm quite brave enough to buy an orange bag (wuss!!!) but the scarf would have come home with me!!!
    It would be so nice to meet you at Fancie for tea and cakes - if I ever win Lotto that's a date!
    Shane ♥