20 Mar 2013

Another visit to a garden centre

We woke up to another sprinkling of snow this morning.  However, my husband wanted to go to the local garden nursery to get a certain type of lettuce seeds for his sister's husband who used to grow them when they lived in England. He has requested them as he can only eat the more delicate type of salad leaf.
A look around a garden centre with a coffee and cake break in the cafe is always welcome, so off we went....

Plants had been potted up ready for Easter
and the displays were colourful....

...in contrast to the countryside around the centre.
The sheep were not in the fields.
The farmer was a solitary figure putting up a wire fence.
The land that's now a golf course was white
with snow and, of course, empty of golfers. 

We found the type of lettuce seeds needed and also purchased
 some flower seeds as well before returning home.
Just an hour or two out and about, but seeing
 the bright flowers in the centre was good for the soul.


  1. I bet it was good for the soul! A nice little escape into color. And they have a cafe there? Fun! The little white sheep are cute :)
    HAPPY Spring~

  2. HA.... Quite a difference in the scenes showing snow --and the spring-like ones inside the garden center... Today is the first day of spring --but most of us won't know it because of our weather now. We at least have sunshine today--but it is cold out there!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing about the garden center. That cake looks delicious!!!

  3. Don't flower centers just thrill your soul this time of year? All the lovely colors and sweet delicious smells of flowers in bloom. A lovely gift you gave yourself on a snowy first day of spring. Very cold with a nasty raw wind here today.

  4. When will this weather go away and spring finally take hold? A trip to the garden centre is always cheering especially if it includes coffee and cake:)

  5. It's snowing here right now -- not exactly what I would call Spring weather. I'm glad you got out to the garden center. I really like your collages.

  6. How is it that we always come out with more than we originally went to the garden centre for? I always find things which tempt me, especially when it's so gloomy outside and there's lots of cheery things persuading me to take them home. Our snow didn't last long yesterday, and there's even been a bit of sunshine here this morning, but it's still very cold.

  7. Such a contrast between your two collages! I purchased a soon-to-open Easter lily this morning while shopping for groceries. :)

  8. I do love your header photo Linda, and all these wonderful photos, super collages of the pretty English countryside that I remember and love so well.

  9. The flowers in the marketplace are indeed good for the soul. Love the little sheep you found too.

  10. Those little sheep in the second collage are so cute.