14 Mar 2013

A gift

I'm enjoying the gift of flowers from
the three children and the grandchildren 
and the way the sunshine highlights them.
Roses, freesias, daisies... they are all beautiful.

  In our parish churchyard there's
a thought-provoking reminder of the spiritual season
and journey towards Easter when we can rejoice
in life in Jesus because of the Cross.


  1. They are all so beautifully colored.

  2. They're so pretty. You're house must smell wonderful.

  3. Such pretty flowers to receive as gifts they must fill your home with scents and colour. The snowdrop cross is beautiful:)

  4. Oh those flowers are gorgeous Linda. Freesias were my late mum's favourite and I only have to smell them and I immediately think of her. I love that snowdrop cross in the churchyard, what a lovely gesture by someone.
    Patricia x

  5. Those must be your flowers from Mothering Sunday...beautiful. Love the snowdrop cross.

  6. The gift of flowers is indeed a wonderful gift. The roses particularly just jumped out and said "notice me".

  7. Freesias and roses what a beautiful mixture and gift to have received.

  8. Ahhhhh--love this post. You know how much I love flowers (gorgeous), and I love that cross in your parish churchyard. Happy EASTER.....


  9. Gorgeous flowers - I can almost smell them! I love your post on Sharrow Vale Road - my favourite place in Sheffield. Too many options for eating though and every one of them highly recommended! xxxxx

  10. Love your fragrant bouquet - freesias mean Spring to me, I'm planting all my bulbs now!
    The snowdrops are a poignant reminder Jesus died on the Cross to bring us new life.
    I love the repetitive pattern of each year as it unfolds. The Season of Lent leading up to the great feast of Easter is an important part for me, thank you for sharing this Linda.
    Shane ♥

  11. Flowers are always welcome, aren´t they? And if they come from your beloved ones... the better!

  12. The snowdrop cross is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing your beautiful flowers and leaving a sweet message on my blog.
    Blessings to you for a lovely Easter,