15 Feb 2013

Say it with flowers

I love tulips, especially those with unusually
coloured petals.
They also remind me of my parents who
loved the people and places of the Netherlands
where they grow in profusion.
I love irises because I know that 
 they will soon be in bloom in our Italian garden
 and following after the daffodils that will be out now.
We hope that we shall be able to go
to Italy to tend it ourselves, probably after Easter.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. What a gorgeous bouquet. I planted some really dark tulips in a container with some white anemones in autumn, so I'm looking forward to them flowering. I'm hoping that they bloom at the same time to make a pretty display. Irises always remind me of my grandma, she often had vases of them in the house.

  2. you are truly blessed to have a marriage for that long and to still be able to enjoy life and each other. that second shot is perfect for a greeting card. beautiful flowers.

  3. The tulips are gorgeous! Enjoy them! :)

  4. We went out for lunch yesterday too, and enjoyed a quiet meal for two.

  5. Beautiful flowers. You're so lucky to have them coming into season already. You make me envious the way you talk about traveling from country to country like we would travel from state to state. I have always wanted to see Europe, but most especially England.

  6. Hi Linda! What pretty flowers! And you're in England! Congratulations on a happy, long marriage ... something that's becoming more rare these days. Thanks for your comments on my blog! I'm going to follow you! Have a delightful weekend! Bess

  7. Your tulips and iris are just beautiful. So happy you had a good day.

  8. Such lovely flowers, Linda, both in this post and your botanical garden one. My DH doesn't like to see flowers cut, so all he would ever give me is a pot plant, and never on Valentine's Day. :-) I love the thought of irises blooming soon in your Italian garden and hope you can visit to see them.

  9. I love tulips and yours look lovely especially with the irises.
    Patricia x

  10. Hi Linda,

    So glad that you had a lovely day out to lunch and came home with tulips and irises.
    Every day is special and how wonderful, the thought of irises will soon be blooming in your Italian garden.

    Have a happy weekend

  11. Hi Linda,
    Gorgeous tulips and irises. My father always had irises in his Minnesota gardens...always such a wonderful luxury when they pushed their way through the earth each spring, reaching for the sun.
    I can understand your pleasure over a long and sweet marriage~~I have one of those, too. We married at 21 and now we're 70.
    Happy springtime!

  12. Lovely flowers. I hope that you had a great Valentine's Day together! Jx

  13. What a beautiful combination of flowers. Many blessings to you and your husband.

  14. As you can imagine this post was a very special one to me, beautifully put Linda. xx

  15. What beautiful flowers and I loved reading about why they are so special to you.

  16. How wonderful that you have a connection to Italy. It's a country I have always wanted to visit, the Netherlands too, and they are on our list of places to go when hubby retires. Your tulips are gorgeous and your post is so warm. I feel the same as you about counting each day a special one and the fact that you have been together for over 50 years and still very much in love, such a warm and loving post and lovely to read.

  17. Hi Linda, We been in Arkansas for a week --so I'm trying to catch back up with my blog friends. Hope you had a great week. Loved this post... I can feel the love between the two of you. How special is that!!!!!

    Beautiful flowers. Glad you had a wonderful Valentine's Day also.

  18. M'illumino d'immenso ....
    Gorgeous colours.

    Wishing you and your husband many many more beautiful years together,

  19. Your photos are as beautiful as your words. I hope the two of you have many more years together.

  20. Oh Linda
    The rich colour of those tulips - I would have bought them too! I love that you bought your daughter a bouquet for Valentines too!!!
    Over 50 years of marriage - congratulations!!! Wishing you both many more happy years together.

    Linda your new header is lovely bringing back wonderful memories of the pretty english countryside for me!
    I'll look forward to your "Spring" header soon - some bluebells maybe!
    Shane ♥

  21. Happy Anniversary, what an achievment - 50 years together. Love the tulips, how lovely that they remind you of your parents too. x