12 Dec 2012

Fire and Ice

Greetings to you all on a very frosty morning where I live!

As you can see, there's not much growing at this time of the year in the covered yard, although it's a great help in keeping the kitchen area sheltered.

When we went to a Christmas Market last year we saw this unusual item which can be used to take the chill off a conservatory or as a feature in the garden using a special oil.  Our daughter bought it for us as a Christmas present and it has proved useful so long as there are no animals and children moving about near it.

I'm not venturing far today, but there's always scope for capturing something of the frost and ice in the garden.


  1. ice is one thing I have never photographed since we don't get ice here, maybe i can try with my ice cubes. i really like that little fire place and love your conservatory. great shot of St Nicolas in the header.

  2. brrrrrrrr! It does look cold. How fun to see your covered yard with the fire burning. What a lovely gift. The icy crystals are just plain cold looking. Our weather is not this cold yet. It is usually in January when our weather turns really cold.

  3. Lovely photos. No fire in our conservatory, Linda, but plenty of ice here too. This morning the valley below the house was filled with freezing fog. Brrr!

  4. Oooh, those crystalline photographs, nothing like Jack Frost for creating gorgeous art, eh? And what an adorable Christmas gift...so cozy in a conservatory. And thanks for the lovely view of a bit of your life in England.
    Hugs, Becky
    P. S. Love your new header!

  5. Oh Linda
    It looks very cold.
    Are you expecting snow for Christmas in the north?
    I'm hoping to join my daughter and granddaughters in France for Christmas next year - snow would be nice then too!
    Take care and keep rugged up and warm!
    Joyeux Noël
    Shane ♥