27 Nov 2012

City Centre Seasonal Sights (2)

The Winter Garden, Sheffield, UK.
Whenever I'm in the Winter Garden and the new Sheffield Museum Millennium Galleries there are usually school parties also looking around as part of their studies. As well as permanent exhibitions there are guided talks, discussions and other activities for all ages that change throughout the year and the Museum's Educational Service is a good resource for teachers and parents.

The scale of the models for the fairyland theme meant that I was almost on my knees trying to look at the details and take photos.  At such moments mini-me (I'm not very tall) wants to be the height and have the eyesight and mobility of a pre-schooler.  Anyway, here are a few photos that I managed to take.  It's a pity that there were electric wires in view, but I guess the scenes look pretty when illuminated in the evenings.

Even though I'm over sixty years older than that imaginary four-year-old visitor to the Winter Gardens children's trail I can still remember making little scenes such as these using leaves, shells, pine cones and conkers.  As you can see from the last photo there's always watering to be done to keep the plants in good condition and to ensure this glasshouse with its seating areas and its thoroughfare to the high street, library, theatre land and university city campus is looking immaculate.


  1. i like the fairy's and the castle. a truly wonderful spot to visit....

  2. Love it, Linda... I am like a child too in a place like that. My eyes get bigger and bigger --and the JOY just pops out of me. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Just magical! Takes you back to childhood. Thank you.
    Patricia x

  4. I am behind in visiting you here. I do love fairy gardens and this one looks just delightful. Thanks for visiting me, yes I made 4 pies for our Thanksgiving (2 pumpkin and 2 pecan). They have all been eaten now.

  5. Oh Linda
    it's so magical! I love anything with fairies and castles.
    They've done it so well - amazing for children and I can tell you adored your trip there!
    Shane ♥

  6. I've really enjoyed these last few posts, Linda and am sorry to be commenting all in a heap, so to speak. :-) I just can't keep up with my favourite blogs straight away at the moment, but I do read and appreciate.