26 Nov 2012

City Centre Seasonal Sights (1)

On a cold, grey morning I went into Sheffield city centre.

One area that's popular for office workers and shoppers taking a break is the Winter Garden adjoining the Millennium Gallery and Exhibition Centre.

Everywhere the city is decorated for the Christmas season and the Winter Garden has several themes - traditional, tropical and magical fairyland.

All the tropical plants are beautiful, but the one I find fascinating is the Captain James Cook Pine (araucaria columnaris) with branches that grow in a star formation. The paper sculpture of a deer looks good beside this group of pines.

Elsewhere large paper flowers and butterflies add a splash of colour and there are little surprises as fairy folk have made their home for a while in the garden.

The Winter Garden is open in the evenings when the plants are illuminated and I'm sure that with the new decorations the place is magical.  More photos of the miniature world of the little people in my next post.


  1. this is an AMAZING place, really beautiful, i studied each photo and i love the star on the big tree made from greenery. and those silver balls and the arched building... a fairy land for sure. would love to wander there, with or without a camera.

  2. The Winter Garden looks like a magical (and beautiful) place to visit any time of the year. The Captain James Cook Pine is amazing and is perfect for Christmas. I look forward to your next set of photos from this place.

  3. I love the Winter Garden, Linda. Reminds me of Biltmore's conservatory which is full of tropical plants this time of year. LOVE it.... Thanks for sharing such beauty.

  4. I especially liked the "star tree." For me, tropical just doesn't say "Christmas" to me....maybe because I live in the cold land of the North prairies.

  5. The gardens are just beautiful. I love the Capt. James Cook tree, it reminds me of what we call a Norfolk Pine. The colorful flowers add a whimsical touch too.