3 Sep 2012

A sunny September day

Sunshine and blue skies!
Monday morning and good weather!
Good weather means work in the garden,
but firstly a look around to see how 
everything is doing.

The black figs are slowly ripening.

The little plastic greenhouse has become
a useful addition to the garden.

Some dahlias have started to bloom.

I love the colours of September 

and blue skies are an extra gift.

We went to the allotment to collect more produce.

Gathering seeds for next year is another task.

There's usually something to do in the garden and allotment.


  1. How lovely that the sun is shining, I do hope that September will be a good month for you in the UK. A lovely selection of photos and I like the new header. We have at last had a little rain but nothing much and temps have dropped ten degrees still 24C but feels chilly to us :)

  2. it all looks marvelous to me... and i see my favorite red wall in that gorgeous header of blooms.

  3. You certainly have plenty of produce, marvellous!

  4. And what a beautiful sunny day that is. Everything looks splendid!

  5. Great garden spot and such a nice greenhouse. I think I would like a greenhouse here since our growing season is so short. Is the allotment like a community garden?