9 Jul 2012

A trip to Pompeii

View of the main entrance through the Porta Marina Superiore (Sea Gate)

We took the grandchildren to Pompeii which is a good two hour drive from our home in the countryside south of Rome.
It's such a vast site we had decided beforehand which area we wanted to explore. Because of the time of the year the site was relatively empty and we were able to appreciate fully the features of this well-preserved, ancient city that had remained buried six meters deep under volcanic ash until two centuries ago.

The view of  nearby Vesuvius reminded us of the eruption that had taken place in 79 AD causing devastation to the settlements along this coastal region, including Pompeii, which had been founded many hundreds of years beforehand.  

It's fascinating to walk along the excavated streets, enter into the remains of private houses and public buildings and see huge, still-standing columns, detailed wall paintings, carvings and other artifacts that give an understanding of the lifestyle of the citizens before the destruction of Pompeii.

The slender columns of the arcade on one side of the Forum

Huge stone slabs and intricately carved pieces of marble were strewn around.
Can you see the leaf, possibly a frog and a bird?  
Via di Nola - one of the main streets where there are
stepping stones.  The ruts made by carriages can be seen.


Leaving the site through the Porta Marina the visitor
can see that there were two thoroughfares, one for citizens
and one for carriages or animals.

There is an information centre and restaurant on the site as well as places to stop and rest and have some refreshments on the street outside.

However, our car park was situated nearby and our car was sheltered from the sun by orange trees where we enjoyed our picnic in the shade. 

Monte Vesuvio


  1. Your post brought back wonderful memories of Pompeii. We visited many years ago on an overcast January day and seemed to be the only visitors there. It was magical...if those walls could talk... How wonderful to share all this heritage with your grandchildren.

  2. thank for my visit to a place i will never see in my life time. it looks very much like Florida, all the flowers and trees are just what we have here, i did not know Italy is tropical. i learn so much from blog friends, thanks again

  3. I have read about and studied Pompeii all of my life---and I'm sure I won't get to see it in person... Thanks so much for taking me on the tour... Very educational and very interesting.


  4. This is just incredible. What an opportunity for you and your grandchildren. It's like stepping into history.

  5. Simply incredible. I can only dream of such an adventure. Wow! To actually see it! I join the others in being thankful you shared it with us. Wow again!:>)

  6. It is a few years since we last visited Pompei, so I really enjoyed the virtual trip today.

  7. What wonderful images, I'd love to visit Pompeii one day. We've been to Rome and Tuscany a number of times, but never south of Rome. At least not yet :).

  8. Wow - incredible! I've seen television programs about Pompeii that show the ruins but you've gotten some shots that bring it to life so much more than the television ever has. You really can imagine people living there.