27 Jul 2012

Sonning Lock and Village

                "The floral tastes of the lock-keeper generally make Sonning Lock very bright and gay"

                                                                                                          Charles Dickens (1882)

Watering the plants on a hot Summer's day.
The lock-keeper's garden on the island.

There's a tea garden on the island
with views of the weir and backwater.
(This is where we saw the black swan).

"Is there a spot more lovely than the rest,
by art improved, by nature truly blest?
A noble river at its base running
it is a little village known as Sonning

James Sadler (1845-1885) Sonning lock-keeper
A short walk along the south bank towpath is the pretty village of Sonning. Walking up a narrow, leafy path, passing the flint-walled St. Andrew's Church and going through the churchyard visitors and locals can find another popular resting place at the Bull Inn. 

You can read more about the history of the lock here

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