12 Jul 2012

A glimpse of the sea

San Felice Circeo in August 2011

San Felice Circeo June 2012

San Felice Circeo is one of the resorts to
 in South Lazio, Italy.
However, as we got near the coast the weather
was not so good for a picnic on the sand.
It was the only day when the weather was
not in our favour when we went out on a trip.
Instead of the beach picnic we went
into town and found a lovely little park that
was obviously popular with local families.


 I took some photos of  the surrounding residential area 
with its local convent church and grounds. 

This was a meadow opposite the park.  Beyond this area of the
town is the forested zone of the Circeo National Park and Nature Reserve. 


  1. San Felice Circeo is such a lovely place, I have very fond memories of summer there!

  2. What fantastic views. What a blessing grandchildren are.

  3. Lovely, you must have been here just before the temperatures rose dramatically!

  4. Well---even with no picnic ON the beach, I'm sure the day turned out great --and that the kids loved the park... What a beautiful place. And the views are fabulous. Love seeing the nearby homes also. Thanks for sharing.

  5. We aren't far from the sea - the Oregon Coast is just about ninety minutes away! I love the sea and it always seems to call my name. I'd love to visit the sea in your part of the world. Maybe someday!!!

  6. This is lovely. Such awesome views! I need to take our grandkids somewhere for the day---memories made on such outings are priceless.