13 Sep 2017

Floral Bliss #38

It's quite a while since I joined in Riitta's Floral Passions (Floral Bliss post) so today I'm sharing the flowers that were in bloom in our Italian garden in July and August (oleander and jasmine).

Back in our UK garden there's still a lot of colour as the roses are still blooming. The pink phlox is almost over now, but there are one or two self-seeding poppies. The white oriental poppy is also blooming again after Mr. P trimmed it down after it had flowered earlier in the year. I'm also pleased to see the nasturtium flowers growing close to the dry stone wall in the front garden and clinging onto the wires that support the grape vines. I quite like the combination of orange, reds and pinks although my favourite colours in flowers are creams and different shades of white.

One of our daughters stayed in our house and looked after our flowers and vegetables before and after her time with us in Italy which was a great help as we've been enjoying the produce she took care of ever since. When we arrived back home ourselves we found that she had left us a beautiful ironwork 'Welcome Home' planter filled with a variety of herbs. 

I'm still rather behind with catching up with all your news.  I picked up a bug and was unwell when we got back from Italy, but I'm better now. Also we're kept busy and entertained by the company of our local grandchildren who come to visit, sometimes with their friends, several times a week.   
Speak to you again soon and wishing you a good day! Linda:)

P.S. Thank you for your kind comments.  I'm having problems with my internet connection so I'll be back when I can.


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. What a great time you must be having spending quality time with your Grandchildren. Beautiful mosaics and photos of your beautiful gardens.

  2. Sorry you picked up a bug but happy to hear you are feeling better. Beautiful blooms!

  3. Glad to har you are feeling better. Your flowers from both gardens are wonderful. I can only imagine the scent of the Itlaian garden flowers. We still have a bit of colour in the garden too, I like Nasturtiums we have some in a hanging basket and they have looked wonderful this year:)

  4. Must admit our garden still has flowers blooming especially the roses which is nice though they are gradually turning. I grew up going to school by Reading Prison and always wondered what it was like inside. I was glad of the chance to see it. Thanks for visiting my blog

  5. Love the Welcome Home planter Linda. What a thoughtful daughter you have.
    So many beautiful blooms.
    Have a truly brilliant day :)

  6. Such beautiful flowers, my garden is full of weeds and I've just started on getting them out.

  7. Dear Linda,

    Loved seeing the gorgeous flowers from your Italian and UK gardens - such pretty colours. I like the welcome home gift from your daughter.
    Sorry to hear that you picked up a bug - take care and there is a lot of things going around here too. Many thanks for visiting me.
    Have a great weekend

  8. You have made such beautiful mosaics Linda. That white rose with a hint of pink is really cute. The autumn has arrived in the southern Finland, but still some perennials and clematis are in bloom.
    Thank you for linking, have a nice weekend.

  9. Beautiful flowers, still so much colour around. Hope you're feeling better now.