28 Jun 2017

Floral Bliss #27

 I'm joining Riitta's Floral Bliss and sharing the highlights of our garden in June.

Some pinks were brought in doors for a small arrangement and the orange and yellow roses (below) are from a gifted bouquet.

The white rose was one in another bunch of roses given as a gift and grown from a cutting by my husband and was then transferred into a flower bed

The miniature allium 'White Star' is growing with mossy saxifrage  'Touran Neon Rose' and the saxifrage 'London Pride' in a raised bed. 

Below philadelphus (mock orange), allium, pink patio rose and the climbing rose 'White Star'.

The climbing rose 'White Star ' has masses of flowers this year and has grown to the top of the supporting post.

I got rather protective of my white delphinium and kept it in a pot in the covered yard before putting it outside with the other flowers in containers. 

white and red oriental poppies

There are some apples (above) and pears (not shown) left on the young trees although the high winds earlier in the month didn't do them any good.  We might have a few that will mature. We had some strawberries - even a few homegrown are special!

We still have two lemon plants  that were grown from the pip of a 'giant' lemon. Below is the smaller one. They'll probably never produce fruit here in the UK, but were fun to grow.  An olive tree is also in the covered yard with a peach tree, a pomegranate and other plants that need some shelter and warmth. 

'Cardinal de Richelieu' gallica rose was transferred to a sunnier corner of the garden. The colour is amazing, but the actual blooms are small and it's not a prolific producer of blooms as it's still a young plant.

On the other hand,the shrub rose 'Brother Cadfael' produces masses of flowers and will be blooming until the end of the year.

There are many other varieties of flower I could have shown, but it's the pot of lilies that's the highlight in the garden at the moment. I haven't included the flowers growing in the front garden where there are other roses (Joie de Vivre and Arthur Bell, both floribundas).  Lavender will be the next plant to flower.


  1. Oh wow Linda, such a glorious garden full of delightful blooms. I love the Foxgloves - had only grown them once but enjoyed every minute of them.
    Your lillies, geraniums, sweet peas and roses are all gorgeous. Delightful poppies and, of course, the strawberries. A wonderful post :D)

  2. It was so wonderful to see your flowers Linda. Most of all I liked perhaps the white ones this time. That tiny allium looks so sweet, and the climbing rose 'White Star' is so faultless. Your collection in white is much better than mine :) I love them all - sweet peas, poppies, lilies, digitalis, delphiniums...

    Thank you for joining Linda - have a sunny day!

  3. Great shots, a gorgeous walk through
    A dreamlike sea of flowers

  4. Wow! Your garden is so beautiful. I'm in love with all the roses. Your garden must be heaven to walk thru and smell the roses.

  5. Oh Linda, what a beautiful feast for my eyes!! So many gorgeous flowers. I'm sure that you and your husband must spend many happy hours tending to your blooms. Your sweet peas are so delicate and I love the colours.
    You can never have too many roses and you've made me want to add a few more to my collection. Loving Brother Cadfael (one on my list) and your Cardinal de Richelieu is stunning. Shame we're unable to enjoy their scent! I keep meaning to have a visit to David Austins Roses.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely post and have a wonderful Wednesday :)

  6. Your garden is a delight to see...all those glorious roses!

  7. Such a delight to visit and see all those beautiful blooms. You have a stunning garden, mother natures reward for all your hard work.

  8. Oh, my, what beautiful, beautiful flowers! I do not have a green thumb at all myself, but surely do appreciate seeing such lovely blooms.

  9. your garden is incredible, so very beautiful. I love the cream color rose and the yellow one and the yellow with tips of red.. your garden is AMAZING

  10. Tienes unas flores preciosas. Saludos.

  11. Oh, 'Brother Cadfael' is a delight. I've never tried growing lemons from a pip but I'm tempted. You never know, summers are getting warmer.. allegedly!!

  12. Bliss for sure. You really have some beautiful flowers growing.

  13. You have a beautiful garden and you are gifted with plants. Your plants and flowers are so healthy and beautiful. I have 3 lemon trees grown from pips and until now they have not flowered yet. I am still waiting patiently...

  14. superbe jardin aux multiples couleurs
    je craque sur les " pois de senteurs" j'adore
    mes lys ont se sont fanés très vite , j'aime les fleurs blanche dans un jardin
    c'était une belle découverte

  15. your garden must be a heaven. :) So lovely :)

  16. You certainly have some beauties in your garden, the roses are just gorgeous, they don't grow well here, they dislike my sandy soil however well I mulch it. You may get lemons one day, they grow on my little tree.The poppies are delightful and like you I'm in awe of that white delphinium. I envy you your lilies, the dreaded lily beetle is creating havoc with mine. Lovely to see and enjoy your summer blooms. xxx