17 Aug 2016

Another personal update

Dear Friends, it seems quite a while since I've shared anything on my blog as I've been otherwise engaged with medical matters having been in-and-out of hospital recently.  The last few weeks I've had rather a bumpy ride as I had to have surgery three times on the same area as well as under the left armpit.  All was going well even though I had to have a second operation (another wide local excision) and was discharged from hospital.  However, a few days later I was rushed back and admitted for emergency surgery to remove a haematoma.  Again I was discharged home only to be rushed back by ambulance a couple of days later to the Accident and Emergency Department of another local hospital with breathing problems and pains down the other side of my body and down my arm!  I'm beginning to know what it's like to be in various departments of our city hospitals as a patient!  It has been quite a journey this year.  It was thought that I had another haematoma on my lungs or was suffering from heart problems.  After extensive tests it seems I must have pulled a muscle and bruised the area around my ribs which is a mystery as most of the time I've been quietly resting (drowsy from the analgesics).  I can only think I might have leaned heavily on my right side to pull myself up in bed as I couldn't move my left side, having been in a deep sleep.
I'm having to manage the pain in both areas especially as the day progresses but I'm up-and-about at home. I'm continuing to rest as much as possible, haven't been able to get out except to the hospital outpatients' department appointments and a cancer support centre.  The crocheting had to be put down and I'm only just taking it up again doing a few rows at a time.  However, I've got through quite a lot of reading and I'm able to write, type, point and shoot with my digital camera now.  Mr. P. and I have also been watching the television broadcasts of the very exciting Olympic Games. We're proud of our Sheffield athlete, Jessica Ennis-Hill, but all those who have dedicated their life to sport and have reached this high standard are to be commended.
The good news is that at the last appointment with the consultant surgeon last week I was told that the surgery to remove the cancer in that area has been a success and next week I'll be assessed for the radiotherapy treatment which being every day for about a month will be challenging and will also make it difficult to do much blogging even though I would love to share and communicate with you all.  I'm also looking forward to our Berkshire daughter coming tomorrow to stay for the rest of the Summer school holidays, celebrating my husband's birthday this week and enjoying a family get-together here on Saturday.
Thank you my friends as I know that you've been thinking of me from time-to-time and perhaps wondering how I was getting on.
Here are a few more photos of one of my favourite roses in our garden called Joie de Vivre.  It's another rose that looks beautiful at each stage of its blooming whether in bud or fully open.

Wishing you a very peaceful rest of the week and in the days ahead,
Linda :)