21 Jun 2016

Our weekend

As well as being Father's Day on Sunday it was our wedding anniversary.  Another beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived at the weekend from our No. 1 daughter and her three sons.

We had quite a few gifts including these lovely garden ornament birds from our other daughter and her children.

We had a lovely, quiet day with them and our daughter and granddaughter prepared a delicious lunch and afterwards we sat in the garden and had coffee and shared the chocolates that my husband had bought for me. It was a relaxing afternoon.

Yesterday I received a call from the hospital to say that I could go for surgery earlier than expected.
Once more thank you all for your kind and encouraging messages, thoughts, prayers and support. 

17 Jun 2016

Five on Friday

1.  A beautiful bouquet of roses and night-scented stock arrived just after I came back home from my MRI scan (which was not easy for the first time's experience, but went well). I saw the consultant yesterday to discuss the results and options for treatment and now have a date for surgery followed later on by daily radiotherapy during week days and possibly other treatment which will last for quite a while.   Once more thank you for all your good wishes, thoughts and prayers. They lift and cheer me up and I'm thankful for all of you my blog friends.

2.  Sheffield Anglican Cathedral - On Saturday Mr. P. and I were at a special event there to mark and celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday.  Men and women from different communities in the city were invited to a lunch to recognise the contribution seniors make to the life of our neighbourhoods and also give thanks for the Queen's long life before and during her reign as our monarch. (I was privileged  to be there, with Mr. P. as my escort, only because I'm involved as a member of the planning team for seniors. It was a lovely and memorable occasion).

The Dean of  Sheffield Cathedral invited The Lord Lieutenant of South Yorkshire
to cut the Birthday Cake and we drank a toast to Her Majesty and sang 'Happy Birthday'

During and after a delicious lunch we were entertained by different musical groups
 including the Sheffield Gospel Choir.

On leaving each person was given a white rose, the symbol for Yorkshire

I put ours amongst the arrangement of flowers from the bouquet from our children and grandchildren.

3. More roses and other flowers. These are the first roses (Brother Cadfael) that are in bloom in our garden along with the delphiniums and foxgloves although the continuous rain is making them look very bedraggled. These photos were taken very early one morning when there was a steady drizzle of rain and yet the bees were still buzzing around the open blooms.  

4.  I've been busy with my crochet squares and I'm pleased that I've learnt how to do some simple crocheting since it's such a satisfying and relaxing hobby. (The crochet hooks were probably inherited although I don't remember my mother doing much knitting or crocheting - she was more of a book person. Some of them are made of bone and would have belonged to my great-aunts from the Edwardian era).  I love the colour of the yarn I'm using at the moment especially the one called 'Pearl'. Initially I only bought one ball of this particular colour and then couldn't remember which charity shop I got it from, but this week I managed to find the supplier again.  It's something portable that I can take with me whilst waiting for my turn during pre-op. hospital appointments, although a book is another item I usually carry with me for such a time.  I seem to be getting through quite a lot of reading at the moment, mostly travel books and novels set in Italy.  

5.  Finally, a photo taken by our daughter whilst up in Durham last weekend where our grandson was taking part in the annual Durham Regatta Rowing Event.  His quad team won the Junior 13s Trophy.  It's always uplifting to hear that grandchildren are doing well and enjoying life.

Once more I'm joining Amy for Five on Friday.  Thank you Amy for organising this enjoyable link-up. You can see who else is participating here.

Wishing you a good day, a lovely weekend and week ahead.

9 Jun 2016

My week

The above is the corner of the garden where we've been growing plants with white flowers.  There are two new plants, an evergreen daisy-like rhodanthemum 'African Spring' and a delphinium 'Guardian White'. The white foxgloves are opening and soon a white rose 'White Star' that's climbing up the former washing line pole will bloom.  A third bud on the Regale trumpet lily has just opened.

Not all the 'white' pelargoniums were pure white, but that doesn't matter.  Every bloom is beautiful in its own way.

New buds on the red rose 'Anniversary'  will soon be out and in time for our 51st wedding anniversary which also coincides with Father's Day here in the UK and elsewhere. Pansies continue to give a good show.  Foxgloves are also flowering in the front garden.  I have to smile because we don't have them growing in the garden every year, but when they do I cannot resist taking photos of them especially when the bees are around them.  I recall that one of the first blog posts I did was of a bee climbing inside a foxglove flower. 

The vegetables, especially the tomatoes are doing well.  There are the usual plum and cherry tomatoes from old seed, but he's also trying Gardener's Delight and Heartbreaker Vita from the packets of seed in the Sutton seed gift box.  The Heartbreaker are below.  I haven't shown all of them as the pots fill the covered yard.

Tomorrow I have an MRI scan which I've never experienced before. On Saturday we'll be at Sheffield Anglican Cathedral for an event to commemorate and celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday this year joining with other seniors from across Sheffield, a day that has been in the planning for many months and which we're looking forward to.  There are displays in shop windows on most of our local high streets at the moment.

6 Jun 2016

Up in the mountains (2)

Today I'm continuing the walk in the woods near the Charterhouse of Trisulti on the trail that leads up to St. Dominic's hermitage.  It was obvious that some of the rustic railings had been damaged by falling trees so I didn't walk too far up the trail knowing that there would be twists and turns and the path would get steeper.  I took photos of wild flowers and then returned to where my husband was waiting in the car which was in a parking space on the track below. 

wood anemone and cyclamen

Another charity shop find, I used this useful little book to identify some of the wild flowers I saw.

euphorbia (sun spurge) with small grape hyacinth, yellow trefoil, blue sheep's bit scabious, white and pink flower ? (of the nettle family?), white helleborine cephalanthera longifolia (orchid family)

blue cornflower, white campion, pink candy tuft,  yellow rock rose, pink campion

When we pass this old oak tree growing on the edge of the mountain I like to stop and take a look at it. The trunk appears to be dead, but the upper branches are growing and producing new foliage.

Just off the side of the main track is a path that leads to the ruins of the old monastery built long before the Charterhouse was constructed.  This small construction, I'm not sure how old it is, might have been a gatekeeper's hut or a mountain look-out point.

the old monastery ruins

The gardens of the ancient pharmacy in the Charterhouse which we visited earlier in the day.

Thank you for visiting and leaving your kind comments on my last blog post.  I haven't been able to read many of yours or leave a comment as I find I'm needing to rest at the moment. (My important hospital visit is on Wednesday). At the same time I wanted to finish off the blog I started about our walk in the woods in the area near Trisulti Charterhouse. We've been enjoying some lovely weather in the last few days so I'm now going to make the most of it by sitting out in the garden in the sunshine.

Have a lovely day!