17 May 2016

A walk around Isola del Liri again

Isola del Liri. It's one of the local towns that we often go to because there are two favourite caffé on Corso Roma where we can sit by the river and then take a walk down to the castle and waterfall.

On a warm evening when some of our family are with us it's even better.

However, on a sunny day in the first week of April we sat for a while by the fountain in the area outside the gelateria enjoying a drink before taking a stroll by the river to see the waterfall from a different viewpoint.  The area around the Municipal Town Hall, which is next to the gelateria, is gradually having a makeover, but there's still more to do.  I wandered up the side street attracted by the colourfully painted wooden boards around the construction site, but then turned back and didn't take any more photos as an elderly lady was sitting on her doorstep and I didn't want to intrude.
The old factory where paper was made using the force of water from the waterfall to produce power to drive the machines has now been opened up to the public. There are steps up to a first floor storey of the old block of buildings and a galleried walkway leads to a viewing platform.  Here you can get a different view of the castle, the waterfall and a tantalising view of the gardens above (not open to the public).    

Students from a school in a nearby town have painted murals on the walls of the gallery with the themes of water and the old paper manufacturing industry.

This mural with its bird's eye view of Isola del Liri shows clearly how the river flows through it and surrounds the town.

The walkway through the old mill exits into a courtyard and the viewing platform.

A family group were taking photos of the view and moved over so that we could do the same.  A girl in the family party offered to take a photo of both of us. (I've had to lighten them) and we started a conversation in English as well as Italian.  They too were out for a stroll before lunch and this local girl was taking family visitors around the town.  She told us a little more about the project to renovate the historic building which will take time and money to complete.

The 12th century fortified palace, the Castello Boncompagni-Viscogliosi, was later owned in the 17th century by Duke Giacomo Boncompagni, Constable of the Castello Sant'Angelo in Rome, who married Constanza Sforza. They both had papal connections through separate family lines. It was Constanza who beautified the castle with the commissioning of sumptuous decorations and frescoes and created the formal gardens in the grounds.

The two photos above taken when we've been there in the earlier months of the year is a reminder of how spectacular the force of the water can be at certain times and how useful this must have been to power machinery. There's another waterfall at the other end of the town which I wrote about here.

It was a good drive out before returning home for our own lunch.


  1. What an amazing place to visit, with such an interesting history. I was fascinated by the murals. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful city views and great waterfalls! The murals with their bright colors are lovely. You are lucky living in two cultures and two countries!

  3. It looks like a lovely place to visit with lots to see and, as ever, lots of history to learn about. It's nice when someone offers to take a photo so that you both get to be in it together.

  4. I would be very happy to join you outside the Gelateria and choose one of those delicious Italian ice creams in what looks like a lovely little town.

  5. the views of the waterfall are really pretty and i a can almost hear it.. and all that flowing water... a beautiful spot to stroll and eat where you can hear/see it.. i like the photo of the two of you and my favorite thing is the old building beside the waterfall. i love old old old and it is....

  6. Lovely as always to go exploring and sightseeing with you! You find such interesting places!

  7. Wow...what a lovely place to stroll and eat and enjoy. That waterfall is so surprising with all those structures around it. Lovely shots and a fun shot of the two of you.

  8. Dear Linda,

    Looks like a beautiful place to stroll around and such picturesque scenery with the waterfall and castle. Loved the murals painted by the students and thanks for showing us.
    I can see you must be very happy coming here and good to see the photo of you and your husband.
    Enjoy the week

  9. What a lovely place to stroll in and to sit and drink coffee and chatter and just be happy being there. The waterfall looks very powerful and the murals are wonderful:)

  10. That waterfall really is spectacular. Can I join you and Rosemary outside the Gelateria please?

  11. Isola del Liri looks like a really lovely city. I can see why you would want to return there again and again. I love that waterfall right in the middle of the town and all the bright colors and flowers; nice photo of you and Mr. P. :)

  12. Such a beautiful town - I can see why you two enjoy spending time there!