29 Apr 2016

April in Italy

We have just returned from a time in Italy and once I get back into my UK routine I'll write about what we did whilst we were there.  Most of our time was spent around the house and garden, not only because there was plenty to do on the upkeep of the place, but because we were not well. We had just got over a 'flu-type illness before we travelled and after a good first week of working in and around the house and a few drives out to local towns we caught coughs and colds from family members who had not been well either. My husband developed bronchitis and I had tonsillitis and a respiratory infection.  We went to the local GP and were given a course of antibiotics.  After that we stayed at home resting until we felt a lot better and didn't go out on any trips except up into the higher mountains and woods for a change of scene.  As usual I kept a photo journal and over time I'll share these. The weather was mixed; sunshine, showers, frost which burnt some tender new shoots on the vines.  Now we are getting used to the cooler temperatures here in Yorkshire; sleety rain showers and cold winds. It has been easy enough to slip back into our usual routine. My husband is busy nurturing his plants whilst I get back into downloading my photos and enjoying the internet facilities again after our time without!  Hopefully we shall get 100% well again and settle back to life in the UK.

I'm looking forward to catching up with all your news very soon and in the meantime I wish you a good day.