29 Aug 2015

Summer days in August

Hello friends. I don't know about you, but as the August days slip away and we head into September I'm looking forward to new experiences and the plans that we've made for Autumn. For us there'll soon be a change of scene after a summer of family activities and domestic routine in our Yorkshire home.
I took a break from blogging and did less photography.  Instead, I decided to take a photo or two every day over August and create a photo journal for the month. Below are some of those photos.

There were opportunities to sit out in the garden and read or just relax with family as well as enjoy gardening and visits to local garden centres with our daughter who had come to stay for a week or two.

We have three excellent garden centres in our area and it's a pleasure to drop by, browse and buy a few plants or a garden ornament. I bought one of those wind chimes with a solar light that changes colour, dahlias 'Happy Days' (some with bronze-coloured leaves), rudbeckia 'Little Gold Star', some pansies to put in pots and our daughter bought Japanese anemone 'Pink Saucer' and some cyclamen. I'm hoping to widen one of the borders to accommodate more plants, but grass over another so that we have the same width of lawn.

We've been harvesting vegetables and beginning to enjoy the first of the figs.  The two peaches were picked and enjoyed before our daughter returned home.

We celebrated Mr. P.'s birthday with members of the family who came to stay, drop in or when we went for a visit to their homes. Our grand daughter passed all her GCSE exams with good grades and she'll be continuing her studies at college. Her brother, the youngest of our six grandchildren, is doing well with his sports activities and we've been over to his rowing club to see him in action. At the same time we visited nearby Conisbrough Castle, a partially restored medieval fortification.

 a view from The Keep of Conisbrough Castle

There have been days out in the local countryside, coffee mornings in town with friends and the occasional church planning meeting and visits to see grandson no. 4 whose been staying in Edinburgh with the National Youth Music Theatre during most of August rehearsing and performing during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. By now he's used to being away from home and boarding out during these events, but pleased to be back home with the family pets and playing with his pet ferret, Honey, (whose actually very cute). It has a fantastic cage and also a large run with lots of toys and tubes to crawl through.  

The heather is in flower on the moors and even on a misty day I love being in the local countryside around Strines and Derwent Moors and Bradfield Dale.

I hope you've had a good Summer and wish you all the best for September days.