1 Nov 2015

A time in Italy (1)

Regular readers of this blog know that we go over to Italy several times a year where we soon get into our usual way of life in our Italian home. 

Here are some photos to illustrate our time away this season:-

The grapes for making wine were gathered
 and processed and some table grapes were left for eating
during our time there. 

In between the rain showers we gathered the apples, 
the hazel and walnuts. We cleaned off the outer skins, left the nuts
 to dry a little in the sunshine and gave most of them to family members.

The new graft of a branch from a nectarine tree onto
a peach tree that produces late season peaches has done well.
Hopefully we should get two seasons of  different fruit
from the same tree when it matures.
 (growth upwards from the X)

One of my sisters-in-law gathered the peaches
and pears from our fruit trees during that season. She bottled some
  and gave me a couple of bottles to try.

I have several sisters-in-law and they gave us produce.
Our neighbour grows vegetables on the land below our
terrace and gave us a cauliflower.

Life slows down so there's time to notice 
who goes up and down the lane....

and observe the creatures in the garden.
 The praying mantis was the latest
one to entertain me although he did crawl
very slowly into some places where he
could have got squashed i.e. onto the front door
mat and onto one of the car tyres.
It was intriguing to see that it
didn't like smooth surfaces, but
preferred to crawl over rough ones.


and sunrise.  

Next time I'll share some more of times when we were out and about in the local area and Rome


  1. Looks positively blissful!

  2. It looks wonderful. So glad you found plenty of time to relax and that Mr P now has help in the garden so that he can take it a bit easier too. It sounds like an idyllic way of life, taking things slowly and noticing what's going on around you rather than the usual hustle and bustle.

  3. So beautiful. What a pretty area. xoxo Su

    1. South Lazio is a beautiful region of Italy.

  4. hello
    on profite du soleil plus clément de l' Italie

    Rouge, les feuilles de l'érable.
    Orange les champignons des bois.
    Jaune le soleil qui se voile.
    Marron, comme le tronc.
    Belles sont les couleurs de l'automne !

  5. Good to have you back Linda. As always your time in paradise looks and sounds just heavenly. Good to know that Mr P didn't have as many chores this time round.I love the sound of those storms! Your pics are wonderful and give a good idea of life in Italy. The blue skies, sunsets, grapevines and nuts are all marvelous. How interesting re your grated tree producing two types of fruit. The geese in the lane had me smiling....and wow! The praying mantis sure does look creepy!xxx

  6. i slowly went through the enlarge slide show and your home is so beautiful and the countryside, even your cauliflower is ART. you are blessed to have all that family to visit with and to bring you fresh food.. the vineyard shot is wonderful. a few months ago we watched several episodes of American Pickers and they were in Italy, it was the best 4 shows they have ever done. the people were so kind and funny, full of humor and good will and even when they spoke a language we did not understand we felt their words

  7. There is something special about revisiting the 'old ways'. A slower pace of life, family and food fresh from its source. Hard to find these days.

  8. Lovely photos, Linda - the colours are so deep and clear, it looks as if you had a most wonderful visit:)

  9. Bello spaccato di vita sull'Appenino, Come si chiama il paese? Vedo che siete molto bravi a curare le piante e risultati sono evidenti. Complimenti a tutti

  10. Hello Linda, Welcome back. My heart felt such peace as I wandered through your garden with you. I could almost feel the warm sunshine on my face and smell the ripe fruit hanging from the trees and vines. My grandmother had a friend with a giant walnut tree. I remember going there to gather the nuts when I was a little girl. Blessings to you and Mr. P.

  11. I enjoyed this post about your Italian life so much. So nice to get fresh products from gardens of your neighbours and family and you have such delicious looking grapes in your garden. It looks all quite idyllic and peaceful, so nice you can slow down and enjoy the life of little critters in the garden.
    About the weather: We have been twice in Italy in Lazio and Umbrie in October/November. It was very nice but we really had some terrible thunderstorms, almost frightening.
    Have a nice week!

  12. Great shots. It sure shows everything is much slower paced there, or at least by the looks of it. Not sure I'd like that slow of a pace haha