29 Oct 2015

Scavenger Hunt: October

I've just got back from a time in Italy. Once we're settled back into our routine here in the UK I'll share some of what we did when we were away. I took the list for October's Scavenger Hunt organised by Greenthumb of Made with Love Blog. Without access to the internet I wasn't able to register my involvement during the time we were away, but here's my post for this interesting photo challenge anyway and thank you Greenthumb.

The list was:- question, cream, number, lattice, familiar, ring, today, down, writing, many, broken, whatever you want.


Our grandson found this creature in the garden
and wanted to know what it was.  

Answer: It's a praying mantis



The Cascade, Isola del Liri

A home made jam tart which we enjoyed at one of
the Sunday lunch gatherings with the family.

 More are sold at the village market
made by local bakers.

More lattice work


When I'm in Italy I like to read books
by favourite authors who've created a series
of novels with characters that are familiar.
This holiday I also enjoyed reading
Kate Atkinson's 'Life after Life'.


I'm learning to crochet
but still only able to crochet in a ring!

I noticed this bell in an old church
which is rung during the church service.


Back in the UK there are plenty of fallen leaves
to clear up in the garden.


In Italy we collected the apples that
 had fallen down, 
enjoyed some and shared the rest.


'Verulae' is the Latin name for the local town of Veroli.



Our son made this pottery garden ornament
when he was at  junior school. It was one part
of several that formed a pagoda.  
We took it to Italy when we went to live there
 and it's still in the garden.

Whatever you want

Collages of our UK back garden in September
and October