11 Jul 2015

A special celebration

Last weekend we celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary (which had been in mid June) with our family. It's rare these days that we can all be together because of work and distance so it was good that everyone could be with us. On the Saturday we went out for lunch at the Samuel Fox Country Inn in the village of Bradwell, in the Hope Valley, Derbyshire.
The above photos show the view across the road from the inn and the park. It's a village near Castleton that's associated with lead mining. Several hat makers worked in the community and the village is known for the 'Bradwell Beaver' hat, a special safety mining helmet.  The inn is named after Samuel Fox who lived in the village and together with an employee, Joseph Hayward, is credited with inventing the world's first collapsible light steel-framed umbrella, something we didn't need last weekend, although there had been heavy rainstorms during the Friday night.

cakes and home grown strawberries

I've been writing about other gardens recently so here is our garden this season featuring the roses. I'll do a roundup of what's been growing in our garden at the end of the month.

'Brother Cadfael'

'Joie de Vivre'

'Arthur Bell'

'Cardinal de Richelieu'

'White Star'

'Wedding Anniversary'

unknown varieties

The rose is my favourite Summer flower, but the sweet pea is another that I love almost as much so I just had to include a photo of a bunch that I picked to bring into the house. What's your favourite Summer flower?