22 Jun 2015

Lunch out near Froggatt Edge

One day last week we took a short drive out and stopped for a good lunch in a pub (four cottages have been converted into a country inn) which is situated on wooded hills below the gritstone cliffs of Froggatt Edge. On the opposite side of the road the River Derwent flows through the valley below and it's a popular place for walking as there are trails either up to Froggatt Edge or by the river along the Derwent Valley Heritage Way.

     A ciabatta bread sandwich with home-made chips
 and an interesting green salad was very tasty.

The area behind the pub was close up against rocks and a steep slope, but further on was a pathway which would have taken us up to Froggatt Edge escarpment. Walking by the river near the bridge was enough that day to take in the beauty of the woods, the lush greenery and wild flowers growing by the water's edge.  

The River Derwent, a weir and Froggatt/Curbar Edge (in the distance)

On the way back home we stopped and went into the shop at the Mayfield Alpaca Farm - I've written about our visit here.  I wanted to get some yarn, but it sells quickly as soon as it's available and so there was none to be had. I shall have to try again when we pass by or phone up and find out when there's a supply in. Fortunately we go that way quite often and it's not too far from where we live.

Thank you for your good wishes on the occasion of our 50th wedding anniversary last week. It's been lovely getting together at different times during the last few weeks with our family and we're looking forward to a reunion party soon, which I've been busy organising.

Here are a couple of photos then and now.

Wishing you a very peaceful week.