28 May 2015

Scavenger Hunt: May

Here are my Scavenger Hunt photos for May.  Thank you Greenthumb (Jill) from Made with Love blog for organising the challenge. You can find out more if you click the coded link for Scavenger Hunt on my side bar.

The list for May:
blue, crystal, vintage, fluff, global, mask, bus, frame, collection, poster, ribbon, whatever you want


crystal      -       

vintage      -      a 1930s 'Blue Bird Toffee Company' toffee and chocolate sweet tin

fluff  -  difficult to find in our house (ha ha)!

global   -    This sundial (1775) on the wall of the parish church in Eyam, Derbyshire, enables one to calculate the time of day in places around the world.


bus  -   The buses in my home town are a different colour for each district. (I've spent some time there this month of May). 

frame    -    (portrait of my Grandpa William)

collection     -    a stamp collection that I started in the 1950s

poster    -      posters of some of the theatre productions that our thirteen-year-old grandson no. 4 has been involved in during the past few years

ribbon       -        photos of me (aged about 5 and 9 years)

                   -      detail on a statue of Queen Victoria, Reading, Berkshire, (UK)

whatever you want     -      rhododendrons in a local park

and finally....

a collage of a few birthday moments with family which I'll write about more fully now that I'm back from a holiday in Berkshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire.


  1. What a fascinating sundial. Love the photos of you as a child and the one of your Grandpa, I love looking at old photos.

  2. i wore those same type ribbons in my hair to.. i love each and every single one of your finds on your hunt.. i can't even pick a favorite. i think i am leaning towards those beautiful colorful buses... or the crystals with the cups. a beautiful and delightful post

  3. Super selection of photos Linda, the ones of you with ribbons in your hair are lovely and the one of your Grandpa too. Love the blue in your first photo and the selection of buses:)

  4. Wonderful set of photos Linda, have not done it this month but enjoying what other people have posted. I do like your stamp collection, very interesting to look through..
    Amanda xx

  5. Great pictures - and finds! Did you see the new black and white cow patterned bus? I haven't spotted (ha!) it yet, but I have seen it on the news. Hope that you have a great weekend! xx

    1. Hello Amy. No I didn't see that bus, but the fleet of buses are a lot of fun and must be better for the environment. I also like all the cycles that are available for hire in town and the Beat the Street Project to encourage more walking which my daughter is keen on!

  6. I always like seeing how you illustrate these words.
    My grandpa was William too.

  7. I loved seeing the photos from your scavenger hunt. I love the vintage box and your hair ribbons. And what a lovely memento of your grandpa, too. My best to you.

  8. An interesting scavenger hunt as always.....What a gorgeous toffee tin, I bet that's worth a pretty penny! Lol.....if you want fluff come to my house! What a fascinating sundial....and what cuties you and Grandpa are....bless! I do love those pics!xxx

  9. Hi, Linda! I'm glad I went back through your posts, because I didn't realize that you had done a SH one! Based on the comments, I think I've missed more than one of these posts. Rats!

    I notice that you didn't activate a link below May's list. Perhaps you didn't see it, or maybe you didn't want to link; but by linking everyone can easily find your scavenger post. This address will take you to the page in case you missed the link section: http://suzzie43.blogspot.com/p/scaerngera.html You are a great photographer, and I know I would always enjoy your SH posts.

    My favorite photos have to be ribbon's. Children's photos always have their beautiful souls shining through. Those ringlets though bring back childhood angst. My hair is so straight and baby fine; I couldn't get ringlets any way any how. But my sister Donnie had glorious curls. My mom could twirl Donnie's hair around her finger and form the most beautiful, long, and long-lasting ringlets. Haha! Thanks for the memory! Loved your grandfather's photos too. Fluff cracked me up, and the sundial was fascinating because I had never seen one like that!

    You are on my SH radar now, so I'll know to check. This has been a hectic May for me, and I've been erratic in my blogging world ~ well, all my world! LOL! Have a happy day!

  10. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Do join the scavenger hunt next time - it's a lot of fun and personally makes me think and look around me closely!
    Dear Louise, thank you for explaining about the link. I thought I had added my name for May, but I must say I couldn't find the link for May and added it to the one I saw which might have been for April. I shall have to rectify that and link in. I hope that life gets less busy for you. It has been quite busy for us also and will continue that way for the time being, I think.

  11. Really enjoyed your interpretations this month. The blue hearts are so pretty as is the tin. The sundial is really interesting. Love the photos of you too. Also wanted to thank you for all the comments on my blog lately. x
    PS Have you noticed that Jill has changed one of the categories? Poster (which we did this time) has changed to post. x

    1. Thank you Julie for the helpful update on this month's scavenger hunt. All the best.
      Linda :)

  12. A delightful collection you've gathered. It all look so beautiful. Even the dustpan.

  13. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. It's always great to see your photos. I really like bus, mask, crystal and whatever you want. Greenthumb