28 May 2015

Scavenger Hunt: May

Here are my Scavenger Hunt photos for May.  Thank you Greenthumb (Jill) from Made with Love blog for organising the challenge. You can find out more if you click the coded link for Scavenger Hunt on my side bar.

The list for May:
blue, crystal, vintage, fluff, global, mask, bus, frame, collection, poster, ribbon, whatever you want


crystal      -       

vintage      -      a 1930s 'Blue Bird Toffee Company' toffee and chocolate sweet tin

fluff  -  difficult to find in our house (ha ha)!

global   -    This sundial (1775) on the wall of the parish church in Eyam, Derbyshire, enables one to calculate the time of day in places around the world.


bus  -   The buses in my home town are a different colour for each district. (I've spent some time there this month of May). 

frame    -    (portrait of my Grandpa William)

collection     -    a stamp collection that I started in the 1950s

poster    -      posters of some of the theatre productions that our thirteen-year-old grandson no. 4 has been involved in during the past few years

ribbon       -        photos of me (aged about 5 and 9 years)

                   -      detail on a statue of Queen Victoria, Reading, Berkshire, (UK)

whatever you want     -      rhododendrons in a local park

and finally....

a collage of a few birthday moments with family which I'll write about more fully now that I'm back from a holiday in Berkshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire.