21 Apr 2015


Beyond the back garden hedge there's more greenery from the shrubs and mature trees in our neighbours' plots, but the one tree that gives me a lot of pleasure is a huge cherry tree.  As we sit in our living room it seems to fill the view from the picture window and it's fascinating to see the way the light changes its appearance according to the season, the weather and the time of day.   It's a haven for the bigger birds such as the magpie and I've seen a rook tugging at the thinner branches to try and gather twigs, presumably to build a nest. In the last week the flowers have fully opened and the tree is looking magnificent.

Suddenly blossom is everywhere. Last Saturday I went to the library in the park to get some books about local places to visit and I could see the top of a particularly lovely cherry tree which was in full bloom in the walled garden. Of course I had to go in and take some photos of it and other blossom! As you can see it's always a pleasure to go to the library in Hillsborough House, the walled garden, the park and enjoy a place that's appreciated by the local community.