23 Mar 2015

Scavenger Hunt: March

The Scavenger Hunt Photo Challenge is organised by Greenthumb (Jill) of Made with Love Blog and you can find out more if you click on the coded link on my side bar.

The list for March was:-

circle, card, window, art, skyline, a favourite word, movement, bathroom, car, plate, something you made, whatever you want

CIRCLE     Rome (Fiumicino) Airport advertisement

CARD    A Mother's Day in the U.K. card

WINDOW     A typical building in the local town of Isola del Liri, Italy

ART    The ceiling above the nave in the Church of Santa Maria della Vittoria in Rome.

SKYLINE     One of the views from our Italian house looking across to the houses at the top of
                      the wooded hill.

A FAVOURITE WORD:    Roma  (Rome)

Sports towel for A.S. Roma Football Assocaition and a fridge magnet (holiday gifts for family who also love Roma!)

MOVEMENT     A neighbour goes jogging along our lane every day.

BATHROOM    Tiles in one of the bathrooms in the Italian house.

CAR     A  Smart fortwo car in a Roman street next to the Palazzo della Consulta (the home of
             the Constitutional Court) which is having some restoration work done on the building).


SOMETHING YOU MADE    Whilst in Italy I finished a small picture in cross stitch (A Tuscan Scene).


  1. Nice to see you back, I hope you've had a lovely time in Italy. Great photos for the scavenger hunt.

  2. love those tulips.. and we have a lot of the smart cars here, they are so tiny and cute. beautiful building the car is in front of and like the plate also.. you did really well with all the words... welcome home to your other home

  3. Lovely photos, Linda - welocme back, glad you had a great time. I love all of your photos and that window is gorgeous:)

  4. Welcome back look forward to seeing your holiday photo's.

  5. Beautiful set of photos, I've only found a few so far...will have to get a move on this week !
    I love the brick and building you have photo for window.
    Amanda xx

  6. What an interesting array of pics....oooohhhh....looking forward to hearing about Italy!xxx

  7. Hello! Welcome back from Italeeee! I love Scavenger hunt photos from holidays- always so interesting! That plate is rather splendid as is that cross-stitch- wow!!! You are clever.xx

  8. Glad you had a good time away and are glad to be back. Great finds for the scavenger hunt, I really like your cross stitch picture and the lovely glass plate! xx

  9. Welcome back! You did a great job with this month's scavenger hunt.

  10. Great set of photos for March! x

  11. très sympatique billet
    j'avais fait ce jeux le mois dernier
    je ferais celui d'avril
    les mots et les photos sont bien choisis
    edith (iris)

  12. Quite an assignment! And very well done, Linda!

  13. Such fun things you found!

  14. How fun to see how you translated each word.
    Easter is coming. My mind is thinking about it,
    but haven't done much other than get out a few
    bunny decorations and plan a meal for that day.

  15. I loved seeing Italy through your scavenger hunt - one of my favourite places in the world. x