6 Dec 2014

A garden centre visit

    When we were out the other morning we couldn't pass by one of our two local
garden nurseries without going in as it's a good place
to buy gifts, get some inspiration for decorating the home this season
and gardening in the new year.
The site is extensive so walking around outdoors and in the various
 indoor departments is a pleasant way to browse and shop
away from the crowds. 

There was a whole room dedicated to pretty, twinkly Christmas
decorations and plenty of indoor pot plants, which I was much more
interested in. I wanted to add some more natural greenery around our
living rooms and I bought a tray of three small buckets of Delft Blue hyacinths
and a bowl of White Pearl hyacinths. 

I've set up a Nativity creche which was a gift that one of our grandsons
 gave us last year made from a balsa wood kit.

  Today I bought a bunch of white roses from Lidl - always good value for money.
I'll put the Christmas tree in place and decorate it in a week or two.
 Some Christmas cards have started to arrive
and I want to think of a new way of displaying them.

The weather was beautiful again today - very cold, but sunny,
so a good time to get out and about when there's the opportunity.
I hope you're having a peaceful weekend.


  1. So much nicer than fighting for space in Marks and Spencers! Jx

  2. We love walking around a garden centre and they are always good for a present or two. Your white displays are lovely, Linda. Those hyacinths will waft their scent through your room later too:)

  3. That wooden nativity is lovely, as is your home! x

  4. What a good idea to visit a garden center rather than battle the crows. I love all your purchases, beautiful, and that little crib is enchanting! Everywhere looks gorgeous.xxx

  5. This is a place I would enjoy browsing around, especially away from the crowds. Your Nativity Scene is lovely, what a super gift from your grandson. Marvelous purchases and I loved the last shot with the shadows and sunlight.

  6. I love your white displays and the Nativity crèche is gorgeous. My tree will probably go up by the weekend and then it really will begin to feel like Christmas. Up until now it's been pretty hectic in our house and the time just seems to whizz by. P x

  7. Your hyacinths and flowers look so pretty in your lovely home Linda. The garden centre looks like a lovely one to visit too, and not lots of crazy people rushing around either. I hope that you enjoy your seasonal preparations. xx

  8. Dear Friend, Just stopping by to say HI. Hope you are having a good December so far. This will be a very different kind of Christmas for George and me this year. But—all in all, we are both enjoying being together and sharing our love with each other. What more can we ask for!!!!

    Other than a post yesterday, I won't be blogging much until I start feeling better and get this knee/leg taken care of... I will try to at least read your posts (even if I don't comment)... I will however be posting off and on on Facebook (since it's so simple) if you want to check there when possible.

    Oh My Goodness... I love your photos from the garden center --but today, I'm in love with that creche... WOW---what a great gift...

  9. Looks like it's going to be a white Christmas...love the white flowers and pottery...sweet Nativity.

  10. I love the creche and fresh growing things.
    The roses are so special too. What a lovely
    way to decorate. The nursery is wonderful.

  11. complimenti Linda per le belle foto del giardino e della tua splendida casa....si respira un'atmosfera pulita, le rose e i giacinti che timidamente stanno sbocciando inonderanno di profumo le tue feste natalizie..e il piccolo presepe... delizioso!

  12. Your home is stunning!!! And that garden center had such beautiful flowers and decor...a sight for sore eyes in these parts! Wishing you a lovely weekend and thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Nicole

  13. I love wandering round a garden centre, especially in good weather. They have some really excellent ideas and products as your lovely photos show.