28 Nov 2014

Giving thanks

A posy of roses - some of the last of the Summer - a few linger on in the garden.

Time to close the blinds and the curtains and give thanks
for a warm house, food on the table, a soft pillow to rest my head,
family and friends, near and far.

For those who are enjoying a special time of Thanksgiving
I send warm wishes for a happy holiday
and for all of us everywhere and whatever we're doing
 I wish for a peaceful weekend.


  1. so beautiful, the roses I mean. and I do love your lamp...

  2. Isn't it lovely to still have roses blooming at this time of year? Yes, it's time to be thankful for all that we have, we're very lucky.

  3. Perfect. Time to enjoy the pleasures of winter. Enjoy the weekend Linda x

  4. How wonderful to have those lovely roses lingering to remind you of summer on these grey and dreary days. Hope you have a peaceful weekend too, Linda:)

  5. Lovely sentiments Linda beautifully expressed

  6. Dear Linda,

    Such a beautiful post and loved seeing your gorgeous roses - makes them even more special to have the last roses until next year.
    We do have so much to be thankful for and always good to be reminded of how lucky we are.
    Sending hugs and wishing you a happy weekend

  7. A very pretty photo and lovely sentiments Linda. Thank you so much!

  8. Beautiful roses and beautiful words! xx

  9. hello
    des roses magnifiques pour un très beau jour
    bonne journée
    edith (iris)

  10. How lovely, this reminds me that I have much to be thankful for. A lovely poem to match your roses.xxx

  11. Having had a hard frost overnight I decided to cut all the buds off my roses but did bring some partly out pretty ones inside.