26 Nov 2014

A walk around the monastery grounds and cloister (2)

Continuing with the walk around the monastery grounds.......

The College

Casamari College terrace recreation area

College study rooms and the Abbey church

More areas for recreation and sport

College gardens

A view of the town of Veroli from the College gardens

Back in the inner courtyard garden of the monastery steps lead
up into the cloister.

The cloister, cloister garden and Chapter House

Outer courtyard garden and gatehouse

It was time to have lunch with wine from the monastery
to try and savour and the kiwi that was given to us. It was ripe and delicious
with honey and yoghurt.


  1. It must be fabulous to be studying amongst such beautiful surroundings and with those views. The architecture is stunning. Glad you enjoyed that kiwi, the simplest lunches are usually the most mouthwatering.

  2. i love the steps and the palms and that giant planter... and of course the food or what was food at the end

  3. I've so enjoyed this walk around the Monastery Linda. So many interesting facts and I love the architecture and splendid views. I feel as though I was there too. x

  4. I too have enjoyed this walk around and look at that blue sky, something we're not seeing too much of at the moment! x

  5. What an extraordinary place to have one's education. I love the cloister - with the church,the heart of community life.

  6. Enjoyed my visit, never having been to Italy. Wonderful to have ripe Kiwis too.